How to Assess a TEAS Book

The very first step you would take in order to get into the nursing program for any school is to crack TEAS. ATI TEAS is an aptitude test exclusively tailored to cater nursing programs. It is designed keeping in mind the competencies a candidate must have, if he or she wants to pursue a career in the field of nursing.

Ask anyone who has taken TEAS test before, and he/she would tell you that this test requires preparation. Since this is an aptitude test, there are core competencies a candidate must possess. This will be tested through four sections in the TEAS test -The Reading Section, the Math Section, the Science Section and the English and Language Section. You would need to give yourself a month or even more time to prepare for the test. You would also need to avail some resources available in the market or online which would help you to prepare for the TEAS test.With the help of a good TEAS Book, which is specially designed for TEAS tests, one can be well prepared.

There are thousands of resources available online and offline catering to TEAS exam; however all of them may not be helpful. Hence, you must always make sure to get some information about the source of these study guides and then decide to purchase. You can read the reviews for a few reliable TEAS study guides mentioned below:

Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Manual:

A complete TEAS study manual is available at the official website of ATI TEAS, which is a paid resource. This TEAS Book has almost everything required for you to ace the test if you give yourself ample time to prepare. It is a well detailed instructional manual wherein all four sections: Reading, Math, Science, English Usage and Language are covered in depth. There are around 150 questions throughout the manual with rationales and answer keys which not only prepare you but also teach you how to strategically answer every question. Apart from this, there are practice tests given with time limit mentioned so that you have hands on know-how of how the actual TEAS test works.

User reviews for this TEAS Book have always been positive regardless of the version. Many candidates who have given the TEAS V test and have used this guide state that the practice tests are pretty similar to the actual TEAS test.

McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests:

You can get intensive test practice for the test through this TEAS Book which has fulllength TEAS practice tests just like the real exam, with answers and rationales for every question. This book is not a mere compilation of practice tests; but is a complete study guide in itself. This TEAS Book includes answer keys and methods to approach questions. Moreover, unlike the name of the book suggests, it does not contain 5, but 6 full length practice assessments for TEAS. There are highly positive reviews for study guide as well. The key strength of this TEAS Book is the comprehensive science section when compared to other books available.

Candidates who have used this book found it very resourceful while they were preparing for TEAS test and also mention that its math and science section in particular are good.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams authored by Maryanne Baudo; proves to be another valuable resource. The key strengths of this TEAS Book are that it has effective rationales for all sections. It explains the concept for all four sections: Reading, Math, Science and English and Language Usage. You would also get two full-fledged practice tests enabling you to prepare through this book.

Not only this, the book guides you to self-train yourself for all five nursing entrance exams including TEAS. The book is not priced too high which makes it a great resource to have if you plan to give other entrance exams in future. User reviews for these books are quite encouraging and candidates using this resource state that the book is quite beneficial for other entrance exams as well.

Finally, it must be known that it is always good to invest in a reliable resource than to regret after purchasing any material. Always remember to look for a TEAS study guide with good reviews and check the subject topics available in all sections. A good study guide for TEAS would have simulation tests and have well explained answer keys in it. Be sure to look out for the publication and author also before you decide to purchase any TEAS study material.

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