TEAS Book for Nursing

Importance of Prep Books for TEAS

Do you dream of becoming a successful nurse one day? If the answer is yes, then you must be aware of TEAS. It is the Test of Essential Academic Skills and is administered by the ATI for admissions into nursing programs. This test can be taken for a maximum of two times in one academic circle. The test contains four sections and tests skills of the test takers in each of them.

  1. Reading: This section tests the skill to comprehend written text and draw conclusions and inferences from it. The questions are based on reading a passage and answering questions based on it.

  2. Math: This section tests mathematical and quantitative skills of applicants. It tests concepts such as algebra, geometry and trigonometry. The concepts are tested at a basic level.

  3. Science: This section tests the knowledge of concepts ranging from geology and physics, to chemistry and biology. It covers all aspects of Science covered in the previous classes.

  4. Usage of English: This section tests the applicants for their skills in grammar, punctuation, correcting grammatical errors and improving written text.

To prepare each of these sections, it is imperative to use material of good quality. In this article, you will be shown the way to the best TEAS book for nursing.

Why are Prep Books Important for TEAS?

Prep books are essential for the preparation of TEAS. They give us a meaningful insight into the content and structure of the test. We get accustomed to the format of the test and know what to expect in the actual test. The key to a perfect preparation is to understand the best available TEAS book for nursing. These are important because:

  1. They contain details of different sections and question types. On the internet, these details are clouded and very vague. Moreover, applicants may get confused by the different information available on the internet.
  2. They give an accurate picture of the format of the questions asked and are thus accurate in this matter.
  3. They contain a number of practice questions on various topics and each question is followed by its answer and a detailed explanation.
  4. All the material that you need is available under one location. You do not have to go to various materials to get the information you need.

Thus, prep books are very important; they are even more important and useful than online materials. In the following section, you can find valuable information on the three best guides available in the market for the preparation of TEAS.

  1. TEAS V Study Package

    This package can be ordered online at the official website of ATI: www.atitesting.com. The cost of this entire package is 92$. It includes:

    1. TEAS V Study Manual: It is, perhaps, the best TEAS guide available in the market for TEAS preparation. It is the official resource and meets the specific needs of applicants preparing for the TEAS. It has been observed that students using this manual, scored higher on an average, than the students who did not use this manual. So, if you want to know the correct TEAS book for nursing, you must consider purchasing this manual.

    2. Online Practice Assessments: There are two such assessments. Each assessment contains a set of 150 questions. Each assessment can be retaken only once. The assessments are:

      1. Form A, and
      2. Form B.

  2. McGraw Hills Nursing Schools Entrance Exams

    This book can be ordered online or purchased at any bookstore. The list price of the book is 24$. This book is not specific to the TEAS and covers a range of nursing exams such as NET, PSB-RN, C-NET-REN etc. Essential skill-building techniques are mentioned in this book along with important strategies that have been developed by renowned tutors who have been dealing in test prep for a long time. There are eight practice tests included in the book. Apart from this book, you can also purchase McGraw Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests at the price of 14.05$. For making this purchase, you need to understand the appropriate TEAS book for nursing.

  3. Barron's Nursing Schools Entrance Exams

    This book caters to the needs of all students preparing for various nursing exams and is not specific to TEAS. It contains the various review quizzes with answer explanations provided in every chapter. Additionally, it enlists various strategies designed to improve test taking abilities of the applicants. There is also a subject review that includes all the sections. The cost of the book is 11.43$.

It is important to understand that while there is a huge importance of prep books for TEAS, you must be equipped with the right TEAS book for nursing. There are many books available for nursing exams. However, it is advisable that you go in for books that are specific to the TEAS.

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