TEAS 5.0

Why is It Important to Prepare for Teas 5.0?

TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is utilized as an important tool for admissions to health and nursing programs. It is administered by Assessment Technologies Institute, ATI. The students can register for it at the official ATI website: www.atitesting.com. The main purpose of the test is to measure skills of potential nursing candidates in four key areas:

  1. Reading- There are 48 questions in this section that have to be completed in 58 minutes. The questions include Passage Comprehension, Paragraph Comprehension and Logical Inferences.
  2. Math- In this section, there are 34 questions and they have to be completed in 51 minutes. The questions are of an easy basic level and include topics like algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
  3. Science- There are 54 questions to be answered in 66 minutes in this section. The questions are based on topics ranging from geology and physics to chemistry and biology.
  4. Use of Language- There are 34 questions in this section to be completed in 34 minutes. These questions test punctuation, use of grammar, ability to form correct sentence structures and error identification.

Thus, the test goes on for 3 hours and 29 minutes, excluding breaks that are given in between. The total number of questions is 170. The test can be Paper-Pencil-based or computer-based depending on the test location. TEAS 5.0 is the latest updated version of the test and is the only one accepted by most colleges today.

How TEAS 5.0 Helps You?

TEAS 5.0 is important for a student because it measures his or her skills in those key areas where he or she needs to be skilled in order to pursue a successful career in nursing and health services. It is essential for stepping into a career in:

- Dental Hygiene
- Radiology
- Paramedics
- Nursing

Why is it so Important to Prepare for TEAS 5.0?

The TEAS 5.0 basically tests students for the nursing programs. All those objectives and skills are tested, which are deemed relevant and appropriate, by educators, for measuring entry-level abilities of the applicants.

Additionally, nursing research has shown that applicants who score high on the TEAS 5.0 generally become more successful at nursing school. This proctored test measures the amount and level of foundational academic knowledge that is required for a student to go through the program and master the course work. In other words, it is an early predictor of success in nursing school.

The main reasons, why preparation for TEAS 5.0 is so important, are highlighted below:

  1. Most colleges need a minimum percentage score on the TEAS 5.0 such as 62% or above. It is imperative that preparation be thorough for achieving the minimum percentage. Usually, there are cut-offs for each of the four sections too. For example, a college may have the following cut-off for a section such as: Reading 65%.

  2. The test can be retaken only once in a period of 365 days. So, if you are planning to join a particular program or college, you cannot waste two attempts, otherwise dropping an year will be the only possible option.

  3. This is a basic requirement for all nursing colleges. Most of them do not accept scores from another version of the TEAS. The scores are automatically sent to the concerned colleges without any intervention needed from the student's side.

  4. The TEAS 5.0 is a very crucial component in the nursing application. Therefore, preparation should be thorough for the exam. It is strongly recommended that applicants use a combination of study guides and the online practice assessments which are available through the ATI official website.

  5. This exam should be treated heavily because of the part it plays in the application process. It also assists in removal of weaknesses before the commencement of course work. Eventually, it increases likelihood of success in the strenuous challenge of nursing profession.

The TEAS 5.0 is a basic aptitude test that is designed to identify applicants who would succeed in a nursing school or college and who have the ability to think and act like a nurse does. While all examinations do seem to be a bit challenging, it is very important to remember that it is just another step in figuring out whether a nursing school is truly the place for you to be.

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