Study Guide for TEAS Version 5.0

How Can a TEAS Preparatory Book Assist in Self-Study?

For candidates aspiring to be a part of the dynamic field of nursing, the TEAS test is just the commencing step to the journey ahead. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is designed by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).Schools have made this test mandatory in order to measure the competency and potential of applying students for nursing programs. This exam evaluates candidates on academic concepts for English, Math and Science required at the entry-level in the field of nursing.

It should be known that there is no passing score set for the TEAS , rather the eligibility criteria for admission in nursing programs is set by the universities themselves. Thus, the test is an extremely competitive and clearing a test of such magnitude requires a lot of preparation.

Benefits of a Study Guide for Self-Study:

  • Section-wise Preparation Through a book, you would have access to theory on all topics for every test section. It will help you to understand and prepare for the types of questions asked in TEAS for all 4 sections i.e. the Reading section, the Math section, the science section and the English and Language Usage section.

  • Access to Question Bank Moreover, you get access to a rich question bank with over hundreds of questions and their answer keys. It is important to keep practicing on sample TEAS questions so that you can develop the flair to answer the questions quickly.

  • Problem Solving Strategies Merely answering quickly isn’t enough; you need to be accurate as well. Through a good study material, you will learn strategies to solve questions using helpful techniques like problem solving through elimination and phasing out.

  • Practice and Assessments A good study guide offers a rich question bank for practice, with rationales to the answer keys. Therefore, you not only know the right answer to the problem, but also why is it the right solution. Moreover, there are numerous practice sessions available which would train you to be prepared for the TEAS.

Even though there are many books available in the online and offline market, it is important to verify the chosen one before you start studying from it. Many students who have got high TEAS scores state that they depended on good quality study guides for their preparation. A brief review of some of these study guides is mentioned below:

  1. TEAS V Study Manual:

    The TEAS V Study Manual is a well-researched TEAS product offered by ATI. This official study resource is written to address specific needs of the students while preparing for the test. The user reviews for this manual have always been positive. It consists of 150-item comprehensive practice tests. The tests are accompanied with recommended time limits, answer keys and rationales for the answers. This study manual is available for purchase at

  2. McGraw-Hill's 5 TEAS Practice Tests:

    This is not a mere compilation of practice tests; but is a complete study guide with descriptive theory, rationales to answer keys and helpful problem solving strategies. However, this book contains 6 full -ength practice assessments just like the real exam. The key strength of this prep book is its comprehensive science section when compared to other books available in the market. This book is available at

  3. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams:

    This book, authored by Maryanne Baudo, is another well compiled TEAS guide and highly recommended for self-study for TEAS. It is available at Moreover, this can also be used to prepare for other nursing entrance exam which makes it a cost-effective and all-in-one study resource.

It should be known that perfection comes only through practice. Since you are on your own during your self-study, it becomes all the more important to choose a good quality book which would benefit you in your test preparations. It is also essential to avoid procrastination and be self-disciplined. Therefore, by using the right study guide and applying the techniques mentioned in it, you can be well prepared for the test and attain a high score.