Gearing up for TEAS 5

How to Gear Up for TEAS?

When preparing for TEAS version V, as in the case of any other competitive test, it is essential that candidates know all the test essentials like test content, duration, purpose of testing, question types, and the test pattern. In this article, let us look at some of the most important aspects about the exam, and also learn how to gear up for the test.

What is TEAS and Why Is It Conducted?

Before we move on to the test essentials like contents and question types, let us first understand what this TEAS is all about and why is it conducted.

  • The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a test of academic abilities in the core areas of English, Science, and Mathematics.
  • This test from Assessment Technologies Inc. (ATI) is in its fifth version now and called TEAS V.
  • This test is widely accepted by many universities, colleges, and other educational institutions as a measure of nursing candidates’ potentials and abilities; and as a predictor of future academic success in basic-level nursing programs.
  • Therefore, many healthcare educational institutions use the TEAS test scores to make their nursing program admission/placement decisions.
  • By using the results, the institutions analyze the strengths and shortcomings of the prospective students and arrange support programs to help them improve.
  • In addition to helping institutions, the TEAS test also enable the test takers evaluate themselves better and work on their negatives, if any.

More information about the exam is available at the official ATI testing website:

TEAS V : Test Content, Questions, and Duration

ATI TEAS being an evaluative test to assess the candidates' potentials for nursing program requirements, it includes questions from all the essential academic areas and skill sets. The core areas tested include:

  • English and Language usage Focuses on the language usage abilities and grammatical knowledge.
  • Mathematics Focuses on the core Math areas like Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Averages and Rounding, Graphs, Exponents, Fractions and Square Roots, Percents, Geometry, Measurement, and Ratios.
  • Reading Focuses on the vocabulary skills and reading comprehension abilities of candidates at various levels.
  • Science Measures scientific reasoning skills and science knowledge in the various areas of biological, chemical, physical, earth, anatomical, and physiological sciences.

All the different test sections include questions of multiple-choice types. The number of questions included in each of the sections varies. Also, depending on the testing site, there can be slight variations in the number of test questions administered in each of the sections. However, the total number of questions remains the same as 170 for this version of the test.

You may find sample test content and questions online at many websites including the ATI testing website.

The TEAS V is a timed test and takes 209 minutes to complete it. Nevertheless, the actual test administration time may be a little longer.

How to Gear Up for the Exam?

Now that we have understood the essentials of this exam, we may also look at how to prepare ourselves for this test. As each individual may have his/her own specific needs for test taking, it is not possible to chalk out a single plan or prep method for gearing up for the exam. However, listed below are a few generic steps that will ensure your readiness for the test:

  1. The first step always is to learn the test essentials: As outlined in the previous two sections of this article, go through the essentials of the test and take a note of the most important points.

  2. Understand any testing-site specific and your institution-specific essentials of the test: As testing sites can have different test taking requirements, and also your institution may have its own minimum score criteria, learning these are crucial while gearing up for the test. You may accordingly choose your test dates and locations as well.

  3. Register for the test on time: TEAS testing does not allow late registrations. Hence, registering on time is highly recommended. This may also help ensure you get your preferred location and slot for taking the test.

  4. Choose your prep materials and programs: When choosing prep programs or prep resources, choose the ones that fit your needs. For example, if you need specific help for any of the skill areas or topics tested, ensure to get resources that focus on the relevant aspects.

  5. Focus on your preparations: TEAS is a serious test if you are keen on your nursing college admission. While preparing and taking the test, it is advised that you keep yourself calm and relaxed and focus on your preparations.

To summarize, though there are different administrations of the test, the TEAS version V is a standardized test with the same test content and other vital parameters like question type and test duration. While gearing up for the test, it is important that you get the vital factors correct, know any testing institution/site specific information, and be prepared accordingly.