Initiating The Process of Taking the TEAS

How to Begin with TEAS

TEAS is the abbreviation for Test of Essential Academic Skills, an aptitude test developed by ATI. Colleges use TEAS scores to grant admission to nursing aspirants in nursing courses they offer. Almost all nursing colleges of US are now using this test for evaluating applicant aptitude, and the usage of other nursing entrance tests has come down. Hence, it is a very important entrance test for nursing aspirants.

TEAS Test Format

Students will be tested for aptitude in four content areas: Reading Comprehension, English and Language Usage, Mathematics and Science. Each of these sections has subsections in which examinees are tested. The sections are of different lengths. Hence, the time taken for working on each section is different. The Science section is the largest section of TEAS, and it constitutes about 32% of it. The Reading Comprehension section constitutes 28 %, Mathematics constitutes 20% , and English Language and Usage constitutes 20 % of the TEAS question paper. The total duration of the test is 3.5 hours, in which an examinee has to answer 170 questions. The duration of the individual sections depends on the lengths of the respective section.

The questions of the test are of the objective pattern, with the examinee having to select a correct answer from a number of available answer choices for a question. A composite score is awarded to the examinee at the end of the test, though individual scoring in the different sections is also made known to him or her. The results are made available to the examinee after 48 hours of the test, at the test center. ATI can be requested to send the test results to specific colleges by paying an additional fee.

Points to Remember

  • Recent Photo Id Compulsory- It is mandatory for you to carry your recent photo ID card to the examination center for verification.

  • Restriction on materials you can take inside the examination hall- Calculators and reference materials cannot be taken inside the examination hall. You can request for a scratch pad for doing rough work.

  • Test Taking Norms- TEAS V is an online test. You can skip difficult questions and attempt them later, but you should do that before quitting the section, because you will not be able to access already submitted sections. Each section is timed and if the time allotted for a particular section is used up before completing the section, the examinee will not be allowed to complete the section by using extra time. To avoid such a situation, you should be always conscious of time when attempting a section. If you are not able to complete a section on time, skip to the next section.

  • Scoring Norms- The scoring does not have any negative marking. Hence, you could guess answers to questions for which you are not sure, though you should aim to give the most accurate answers, as much as possible.


It is always a good practice on the part of an examinee to visit the official ATI website and those of test centers for reading the information given on it thoroughly, before the final exam. All centers have their own specific rules and regulations in addition to the general ATI. Now, you are aware of certain generally important points about TEAS. You can contact the exam center for details about specific norms. They will answer any special questions that you may have regarding the exam.