Studying for the TEAS

5 Myths about TEAS Study

With quite a good number of prep resources, review articles, and prep programs around for the TEAS test preparation, aspiring nursing students can easily chalk out their prep plan and work towards the test. While studying for the TEAS test, aspirants also need to be aware of any pitfalls and myths that may abound. Read on to find five popular TEAS study myths busted here.

Essentials of TEAS Testing

While studying for the TEAS test, you must first learn what this test is all about, and then focus on how to prepare. Here are the essentials of ATI Teas testing:

  • It is a test of academic prowess in the core areas of English language usage, General Science, and Mathematics.
  • This test is considered a good measure of the candidates’ potentials, and a predictor of their success in nursing programs.
  • In its fifth version now, the test is also called TEAS V.
  • There are 170 multiple-choice questions included in this test battery; the allotted time is 209 minutes.

For more information on the different aspects of this test, refer to the official testing website

studying for the TEAS

You may find many good resources and packages for TEAS preparation, today. However, you should first have a prep plan ready based on your test date; and accordingly go ahead with choosing your resources and studying for the TEAS. Outlined here are some general steps you may follow while studying for the TEAS test.

  1. Learn the test essentials- Always start with learning the basics and other requisite aspects of the TEAS test. Accordingly, you may choose a test date, register for the test, and then start your preparations.

  2. Learn the institution- specific TEAS details – TEAS scoring and test taking requirements being different for individual institutions, learning about those of your institution is very significant while gearing up for the TEAS test. For example, how many test attempts are allowed in a year or how long the test results are valid can vary are important points to be aware of.

  3. Choose your prep program and/or resources- While choosing resources for studying for the TEAS test, ensure you choose authentic and quality materials that suit your individual requirements. Also, include all kinds of resources that are required like comprehensive test help resources, specific titles for any weaker areas, questions and practice tests, and tips and strategies for taking the test.

  4. Practice repeatedly- Ensure that you get enough practice. Practice tests help familiarize yourself with the test pattern and also help keep a tab on your progress.

  5. Keep yourself focused- As in the case of any other test, studying for the TEAS also requires you to be systematic and regular in your preparations. TEAS being an important step in your nursing career, you must take the test seriously and focus on your preparations.

However, it should always be remembered that there cannot be one single prep plan that works for all TEAS test takers. You may keep these points in mind while preparing for the test, and may customize these according to your specific individual needs. Also listed below are five common myths that you need to be aware of while studying for the TEAS test.

Myths about TEAS Study

  1. TEAS is a very difficult test. It is true that TEAS is a competitive test that can change your nursing school and career prospects. The test, however, is based on your academic knowledge and skills at pre-nursing level and is based on the formal education that you have earned so far. Hence, with a good ground in your basics and the right guidance and preparation, TEAS is not a difficult test to crack.

  2. TEAS is the only test that can get you a nursing program seat. TEAS is actually one of the several nursing entrance tests that are prevalent today. Nursing courses requiring a certain levels of academic expertise, institutions use different tests like TEAS to measure the candidates’ potentials. So, depending on your institution’s policies, TEAS may be a mandatory requirement for you.

  3. TEAS content and requirements vary depending on the institution. The TEAS test is a standardized test. The testing requirements and score requirements may vary among individual institutions. However, the test content remains the same across all administrations.

  4. You may take TEAS any number of times. This statement is partially true in some cases. While some institutions place no number restrictions on how many TEAS attempts you can make in a year; for some others, you may only be allowed a max of two or three attempts in a year.

  5. If you do not study well, you may fail in TEAS. TEAS scores are extremely important in deciding your academic and professional future. But, the TEAS test does not have any set passing scores. Depending on the institution’s requirements and policies, the cut-off scores might vary.

You may remember these points while studying for the TEAS test, and accordingly base your preparation efforts on actual facts and not myths. Also, try and find out more information about this test and prepare yourself for your dream career!

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