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Why Should You Buy a study guide for the TEAS test?

A study guide for the TEAS test is a book that has exam-oriented content focussed on preparing a TEAS examinee for TEAS. The study guide contains material that an examinee can work upon to improve his or her academic skills, as per the requirement of TEAS.

TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is an aptitude test, which nursing aspirants have to take in order to get admission in nursing colleges. Though there are other nursing entrance examinations, TEAS is being widely used by colleges for selecting students for nursing courses offered by them. College selections are very competitive, and it is important for one to perform well in TEAS to get selected by a good college. As good preparation is the foundation of good performance, making your TEAS preparation foolproof, with a good study guide, should be your first step towards performing well in TEAS.

Why should you Buy a Study Guide for TEAS Test?

Discussed below are reasons which let you know why a TEAS examinee should buy a TEAS study guide:

  • A TEAS study guide helps you in taking a systematic approach to TEAS- Following a study guide for the TEAS test will help you in approaching TEAS in the correct direction without wasting your time on ineffective methods, which you may formulate for yourself out of inexperience. It helps you on focussing on content areas to be tested in TEAS, and consequently in streamlining your preparation for this nursing exam.

  • A TEAS study guide provides adequate practice on the topics to be tested- "Practice makes one perfect" is a time-tested saying, which holds true even in the case of competitive exams such as TEAS. The TEAS study guide provides ample opportunity for one to practice for TEAS and attain perfection in the content areas to be tested.

  • A TEAS study guide simulates the exact test environment- Study guides often simulate the exam environment with regard to testing time and question patterns, thus, preparing you to be comfortable with TEAS, when you actually appear for it.

Reviews of Popular TEAS Study Guides

  • TEAS V Study Package( This study guide for the TEAS test is the most apposite resource for TEAS V. The benefits of purchasing this guide are discussed further. Firstly, it is published by ATI, the creators of TEAS and guidance from the original creators of the test can be the best guidance you can expect. Secondly, this book is complete in all ways, as it combines two effective official TEAS study resources- the TEAS V Online Practice Material and the TEAS V Study Manual. The practice tests and the study strategies presented in this book are seen to have brought guaranteed success to TEAS examinees who followed them.

  • Mc Graw Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests- This is one of the highly recommended books for TEAS preparation. Most of the users of this book are extremely satisfied with the standard and gamut of nursing entrance examination questions presented in this book. The main advantage of this book is that you get to practice questions of a higher standard than those you come across in TEAS, which makes your TEAS experience an easy one. Though the title of the book refers to TEAS, this book covers much more. By following this book, you will not only prepare yourself for TEAS, but also for other nursing entrance examinations.

  • ATI TEAS Review Manual, Ver. 5- This study guide for TEAS test is another excellent resource for you to gear up completely for TEAS. Published by none other than ATI, the creator of TEAS, this book is updated with the latest TEAS questions and question patterns, instructional material, answer keys and concept builders.

  • Mometrix Media Secrets of the TEAS Exam- You cannot really ignore this study guide for TEAS test, which has earned very good positive reviews for its very effective TEAS examination strategies, which are framed by TEAS experts.


A study guide for TEAS test is very important for securing good scores in TEAS. A TEAS examinee can follow a single study guide or a combination of study guides skilfully, to derive maximum benefit from them.

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