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When should you Use a Study Guide for TEAS Test Prep?

An effective preparation can alter the scores of an examination towards a positive direction, which is undoubtedly true for those students intending to take the TEAS or the Test of Essential Academic Skills. The TEAS test is the only option for the students who are inclined towards studying the nursing programs in order to pursue a successful career in the field of nursing. The test measures the basic skills of the students in English, Mathematics, Science and English Grammar and Usage.

As far as the preparation of TEAS exam 5 is concerned, a student prefers using a study guide for TEAS test version 5. When should an applicant of TEAS start using the study guides? Let us have a quick glance of the factors that should be taken into consideration while using a study guide for TEAS test version 5:

  • The use of study guides depends on the individual skills and abilities of the candidates. Ideally, an applicant of TEAS should analyze his/her strengths and weaknesses in order to understand their readiness for this test and the requirement of using a guide.

  • After choosing a proper study guide for TEAS test version 5, an applicant should start using the resource as early as possible to gain from the lessons that are covered in them followed by the practice tests and answer explanations.

  • Using a study guide provides good results only when it is used from the beginning. This is because; students need to understand the lessons properly and start with the mock test sessions for maintaining a level of discipline in their preparation for the TEAS test.

  • In order to take the TEAS test version 5, students should also become familiar with the test sections as early as possible for which consulting the study guides is significant as it offers an all encompassing aspect of the TEAS test and the four sections of this exam.

  • With the help of an official study guide for TEAS test version 5, students will be able to access the strategies that contribute towards the success of this test and using a study guide becomes necessary under such conditions.

The scores of the TEAS test are used by educators to determine the competence of students for taking up nursing programs in colleges and also to provide assistance to those test takers who are unable to reach their desired target.

Let us now carry out a review of the books or study guides that can be used by the students of TEAS test version 5:

  • Teas Exam Practice Questions prepared by TEAS Exam Secrets Test Prep Room is an excellent prep resource that can be used by the students who want to make it to the top when it comes to scores. The practice tests that are present in this book are also useful for students

  • TEAS V Exam Secrets is a study guide for TEAS test version 5 prepared by TEAS Exam Secrets Test Prep Team. This is a book containing the most comprehensive materials for the TEAS test in order to help students achieve their desired scores.

  • ATI TEAS Test Skills Study Manual is the official study guide for TEAS test prep containing two sets of practice tests containing 150 questions each along with answer explanations. These are timed tests that allow students to get a feel of the final day test conditions.

  • Nursing School Entrance Exams by Kaplan is another study guide for TEAS test version 5 containing Diagnostic Tests followed by two practice tests with answer explanations.

Consulting a study guide for TEAS test version 5 is the most viable option for students to prepare for this exam that enables them to pursue a career in the field of nursing.

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