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Invaluable Tips for TEAS Study

The Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS is serves an excellent opportunity for the students to study the nursing courses in college and pursue a career in this field. The scores of this test are used to assess the potential of the candidates and sieve those students who are suitable for continuing their education in the field of nursing. However, the prep resources and materials that are used by students to study for TEAS test count a lot when it comes to the scores. In short, the methods of TEAS test prep should be chosen carefully by the students for accessing the best resources in order to have a suitable preparation for this test.

The Invaluable Tips for TEAS Prep

The students might have to face difficulties while a choice of study materials as there are numerous study guides that are available for this test. In order to study for TEAS test, it is necessary to choose study guides that are relevant and suffice the requirements of the applicants. The following points sum up a few invaluable tips about the TEAS test:

  • Studying for the TEAS test can be tricky unless an applicant is familiar with the sections and contents of the test in details.
  • An applicant for TEAS test must analyze his/her strength and weakness in order to find a proper direction that is required for taking this test and also help him/her to study for TEAS test.
  • The best way of knowing more about the TEAS test is to take practice tests that are timed and allow the students to feel comfortable with the actual test-day conditions. In short, the students are more confident on the day of the actual test when they take mock tests regularly.
  • The students must try to make the most of the study guides and not only waste money unnecessarily for buying too many of them without gaining much about the actual test taking strategies or practice tests that usually come with answer explanations.
  • It is necessary to remember that TEAS is a platform on which the students are competing against each other for studying a course of nursing. Therefore, studying for hours may not lead to success unless the prep materials are effective or the applicant is determined to attain success in TEAS test. In order to study for TEAS test, a student must understand the objective of this exam and where it will take him/her.
  • The preparation for TEAS test should begin much before a student registers for this test. In other words, the students must have adequate time to study for TEAS or carry out revision and review of their preparation for a good performance on the actual day of the test.

The Sections and Duration of this Test

The TEAS test consists of four sections and there are 170 multiple-choice questions that are to be answered within 209 minutes. The contents of this test are summed up in the following points for the convenience of the test takers:

  • Reading: For answering 48 questions in this section that require the students to draw suitable inferences, the time limit is 58 minutes.
  • Mathematics: There are 34 questions in this section that are to be answered in 51 minutes and the topics are metric conversion, ratio and proportion, decimals, fractions, percentages and algebraic equations.
  • Science: In this section, the test takers have to answer 54 questions within 66 minutes and the questions are based on chemistry, biology and physical principles.
  • English Grammar and Usage: There are 34 questions in this section that are to be answered within 34 minutes. The questions in this section are related to sentence construction, grammar usage and punctuation.

The TEAS test is an excellent medium or platform for all those students who are genuinely keen about pursuing a career in nursing. In order to emerge successful in this test by obtaining suitable scores, the students need to know how to study for TEAS, which is extremely significant for the fulfillment of their career goals.

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