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When should you Sign Up for TEAS?

The TEAS test is an exam for measuring the skills and abilities of the test takers for taking up a career in nursing. It is administered by Assessment Technology Institute and considered as one of the major tools for pursuing a career in the field of nursing. However, before taking the test, you must know how to sign up for TEAS Test. The TEAS test evaluates the competence of the candidates through the scores of four major subtests including Reading, Mathematics, Science and English and Usage.

The scores of this test are delivered to the colleges or institutions in order to help them identify those candidates that are appropriate for pursuing the nursing programs and this is possible with the help of the scores received by each individual. Additionally, group results are also obtained by the institutions and the psychometricians of ATI help the institutions to devise suitable admission procedures for nursing courses.

The Sign-Up Procedure for TEAS Test

The TEAS test is conducted at different test centers and the participants must know how to sign up for TEAS Test and log on to for completion of this procedure. The applicants can choose the option of online registration in order to sign up for TEAS Test. For this, they are required to create an ID and Password although they must remember that is it not possible to cancel the dates after the online registration for this test. Thus, if a student is unable to take the test on the designated schedule, he/she will have to register for this test again or take the test on a fresh date. Those students who are keen to take this exam are supposed to sign up for the TEAS test through the ID and Password that have been created with the ATI website. In order to sign up for this test online, the test takers must check the locations from the ATI website in which this facility is available.

Besides the procedure of online registration for the TEAS test, the applicants are also free to call in this number at ATI (800) 667-7531 in order to sign up for the TEAS test.

Those students who are taking the TEAS test from a specific institution or school must try to acquire a list of TEAS locations or search on the internet for the TEAS sites.

The Time of Registration for TEAS Test

The test takers must also understand when to sign up for the TEAS test as it is an important consideration that should be kept in mind before taking the test. When it comes to the choice of the time for registration, the following aspects should be kept in mind:

  • For online registration or otherwise, the test takers must have adequate preparation in order to perform well in this test. This is because; the students have to choose the test dates after the completion of the registration process.
  • In order to sign up for the TEAS test, the students are instructed to create an account with the ATI website and pay the fees that are required for taking this test.
  • It is necessary for the students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses as far as the preparation for TEAS test is concerned and sign up for the test accordingly.
  • The familiarity of the candidates with the test sections and the pattern are necessary before they register for this test.
  • The candidates for TEAS test must have proper idea about the basic objective and purpose of the test before the registration procedure.


The TEAS test provides an excellent opportunity to all those applicants who are serious about pursuing their studies in a nursing school and join the nursing services later. The scores of this test are a measure of the potential of the candidates in all those subjects that are tested in the TEAS exam and help the students to move ahead with this career option. However, the procedure and time of registration is an important step for taking this test and the steps must be completed carefully before choosing the test date.

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