Registration Checklist for TEAS

Checklist for TEAS Registration

The fact that ATI TEAS can change your nursing school prospects necessitates that all test takers take the test seriously and prepare for it. However, knowledge about the way to register for the test is critical. In the course of this article, you will learn more about the registration process; you can also find a checklist here that will come handy.

Registering for the TEAS

An evaluative test of academic abilities and essential skills, the TEAS helps institutions decide the eligibility of candidates for nursing program admissions. Accepted by several healthcare and nursing education institutions in the US, this test is considered as an excellent predictor of candidate success in nursing programs. Developed and conducted by ATI, the test is administered many times every year, across different test locations on pre-decided test dates. You may refer to the official ATI testing website for information on this test (

The TEAS is an exam for which you need to register well ahead of the test date since walk-in testing is not an option. You may register online (at the ATI testing website) or offline at the test location where you are taking the test. It must be noted that some test sites do not offer online registration option. Also, the testing requirements (like how many retests in a year and at what interval, the validity of TEAS results) may differ from one institution to the other. Therefore, it is essential that you learn about the testing requirements of your test site before you choose it.

All available test dates and test locations are listed on the TEAS testing website: ( You may choose the best one according to your requirements and as per the availability of seats on a particular date/location.

Listed here are the essential steps involved in the online registration process:

Steps to register for the test

  1. Start from the ATI Testing homepage ( and click the Register for TEAS link.

  2. On the next screen, choose your state and city, and click Next.
    All the test sites relevant to the details entered are displayed along with the test dates.

  3. Choose the one that suits you the best (according to your convenience and preferences, and the deadlines of nursing program you wish to join). As mentioned earlier, it is good that you learn more about any specific testing requirements of the test site, before you register. You may learn more about any such details by clicking the Learn More link against the name of the test site.

  4. Click Register.

  5. Pay the test fee and complete your online registration. (Remember that you require an ATI login ID and password, at this stage).

Checklist for TEAS Registration

Here are some pointers that you may use as a checklist:

  • Check the registration deadlines- Each test date has a registration deadline, before which you need to register for it. Late registration is not allowed.

  • Be sure of the test requirements of your test site/institution- Before you register for the test, make sure you are aware of the all testing requirements. Complete your registration process accordingly.

  • Be sure of your course deadlines- This is one of the most important steps in the registration process. You must choose a test date that is ahead of your course application deadlines.

  • Choose test dates and locations that best suit you- Though you can postpone your test date according to the rules and regulations prevalent, it is better that you choose a date/location after much thinking and planning. This way, you do not waste your efforts or mess up things at the last minute.

  • PSI registration- If you do not find a test date/location that fits your convenience, you may also register for TEAS as a PSI exam. For details, refer to:

To summarize, there are different important aspects that you need to take care of, before and while registering for the test. You may use check these pointers listed here while registering so that you do not skip any of the vital matter.