Methods of Studying for the TEAS

Different methods of study for TEAS

The TEAS is a multiple-choice standardized test that is taken up by students who want to join a nursing course in the U.S. A doubt over the method to follow for preparation arises first in your mind once you have decided to take up the test. Like for any test, there are different methods by which one can prepare. This article talks about these different methods of preparation.

Preparation Methodology

  1. Self-study- In this method you study by yourself. The first step you would have to follow if you are opting for this method is that you have to collect good study materials. This method of preparation is ideal for those who are self-driven and highly sincere and organized. The main advantage of this method is that you can prepare at your own pace and you need not depend on anyone for your preparation. On the other hand, the major disadvantage is that if you are not sincere, you would lag behind and you would not prepare well for the test.

  2. Group-study- This method is similar to self-study but here, a few like-minded friends could come together and study. The advantages in this kind of study are that; each of you could buy a book and share it among yourselves and all of you could study different topics and teach one another. However, if you are not sincere, your study time would become fun time and all of you could lose out in the test.

  3. Professional Classes- This method of preparation is ideal for those of you who need guidance. All the study material would be provided by the tutors themselves which is a major advantage as you do not have to spend time searching for the books. The drawback in this method is that these contact classes are expensive and you would have to attend the classes as per the tutors' schedule.

Steps for Preparation

Whatever method of preparation you choose, you need to follow these steps for it to be thorough:

  1. Learn About the Test- It is ideal that you learn the format, sections, question types and other details about the test before you attempt it. Once you know all this, there would be no surprises during the test.

  2. Collect the Study Materials- You would have to collect good study materials for the test. This would ensure that you are do not waste time in collecting study materials later.

  3. Draft a Study Schedule- You would have to be highly organized while you are preparing for the test. For this, you would have to draft a study schedule and stick to it. While you draft the schedule, allot a few free hours per week for relaxation since a relaxed mind can absorb and retain more knowledge. Also, allot extra hours for the subjects that are difficult for you. It is advised that after every two days, you review your schedule and compensate for any lost hours.

  4. Be Thorough- You would have to be thorough in your preparation and make sure that you have covered all the topics.

  5. Practice Tests- The more practice you have, the better you would perform in the test. Therefore, take up as many practice tests as possible. Most of the test-prep books contain practice tests. Moreover, there are many free online practice tests available as well.


There are advantages and disadvantages in all the above mentioned methods of preparation. However, you would have to weigh the pros and cons based on your strengths and weaknesses and identify the method that is best suited for you. Once you have identified it, you would have to prepare for the test using the same. Another important point you have to understand is that only if you are sincere and thorough can you attain a high score in the TEAS.