How to Study for the TEAS Version V?

5 Mistakes to Avoid During TEAS Study

The TEAS is an important test in the lives of those who want to take up a nursing profession. The test is highly competitive and hence, one needs to prepare thoroughly for it. There are different ways by which one can prepare for the test and the best suited method for each individual will depend on his/her innate nature. Moreover, one must understand that there are two aspects to a test preparation. The first aspect deals with the actual preparation while the second aspect deals with the mistakes one has to avoid during the preparation and during the actual test itself.

The Different Study Methodologies

Primarily there are three ways by which one can prepare for the TEAS and these different methods are:

  1. Self-study- This method is ideal for those who are highly self-motivated and self-driven. If you are following this method, you should also be sincere. If you have all these qualities, then this is the best suited method of preparation for you. The main advantages of this method are that you can study for the test at your own time, and can be highly independent.

  2. Group-study- This method is also similar to self-study but in this methodology, a few like-minded friends come together and study for the test. The main advantages of this method are that each of the group members could buy different books and these books can be shared among the members and each member can study different topics and teach the others. This method proves to be useful only if all the members are sincere.

  3. Professional Help- This is the easiest method of preparation because all the study materials are provided by the tutors. The concepts and the different ways to solve each and every problem are also taught. The only disadvantage is that the fees for these courses are high.

Mistakes to be Avoided

The second aspect is discussed here. While preparing for any competitive test, there are certain common mistakes that students make which can be avoided. Here is a list of the common mistakes and ways to avoid them:

  1. Not preparing for all the topics- During the preparation of the test, many students fail to complete the preparation. It must be remembered that all the topics of the test must be given equal importance and must be studied thoroughly.

  2. Being late for the test- Many times students arrive late for a test. Since extra time will not be provided, the time duration would be reduced and this would lead to unnecessary stress.

  3. Wasting a lot of time on one question- Some students waste a lot of time on one question. You should keep in mind that all the questions carry equal points and it is ideal that you scan through the entire question paper and start answering the easy questions first. By doing this, you would be able to answer more questions.

  4. Misunderstanding a question- You should always read the question properly because if you misunderstand a question, you would end up answering it with the wrong choice. Try to read the questions twice before answering.

  5. Panicking- Many well prepared students get tensed during the exam and fare badly. Therefore, relax your mind and try to stay calm during the test.