Planning for the TEAS

5 Things to Remember When You Plan Your TEAS Study

If you have decided to become a nurse, you career starts by clearing the TEAS. You would be aware that it is a mandatory pre-entrance test, accepted by almost every school for nursing programs. In case you need to know little more, the details of the test are given below:

More about the TEAS:

The Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standardized psychometric test conducted by ATI. This is a pre-entrance test which is created to identify potential candidates with relevant skills demanded by the nursing programs.

Since this score is the deciding factor for admission with a reputed institute in a strong nursing program, it is important to prepare well for the test. The important factor that needs to be discussed is an ideal method one can follow for the test preparation.

5 Preparation tips for the TEAS:

  1. Get familiar with the test structure:

    By now you would know that this test has 170 questions. Each test section in this test is time-bound. The respective sections are the Reading section, the Math section, the Science section and the English language and Usage section. The entire test is in the multiple choice format and lasts for 209 minutes. The scores you attain generally depend on the number of practice tests you solve that are based on the original test structure.

  2. Know more about acceptable Scores:

    It is best to know more about the TEAS cut off scores with the institute you wish to apply to. The passing score is not decided by ATI, in fact, it is decided by the schools. The cut-off scores differ from school to school and it is important that you be aware of the school's admission guidelines. Keep the cut-off scores as your personal target score; this would determine your preparation methodology.

  3. Make a study planner:

    Your preparation starts with the creation of an effective study planner.A good study plan would have an allotment for time to prepare for all sections of the test. You should devote more time to weak subject areas and spend more time to improve in order to get a good score. It is important to create a flexible study planner so that you have some free time as well.

  4. Get access to high quality TEAS study material:

    Your scores in the test depend entirely on the study resources you access while you prepare. You need to avail high quality study materials, so that you can be 100% sure that you are well prepared. It is not wise to rely on free materials which are of poor quality. Some tried and tested resources with good user reviews and ratings are listed below:

    • TEAS V Study Package, designedby ATI.
    • McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests, authored by Kathy Zahler.
    • Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams, published by Princeton Review.
    • Secrets of the TEASĀ® V Exam Study Guide, published by Mometrix Media LLC.

  5. Apply problem solving strategies:

    Since this is a competency mapping test, you have to attempt each section with a different time strategy. Hence,it is advised you should avail numerous practice sessions to prepare for TEAS. In fact, there are practice assessments on the official website of ATI. (

Apart from this, you should be able to learn strategies for problem solving with the help of study guides and practice sessions. Many helpful techniques like the process of elimination aid in answering tricky questions.

There may be no specific mantra on the best way to prepare for the test because every one learns in a unique way. However, creating a well-defined plan and using good quality resources can guarantee a high score only if you keep practicing.

The technique that you follow for studying for this test may differ but it is best to map your progress at every step. If you observe an improvement in your TEAS scores during preparation, it means you are on the right track!