Essential Details For TEAS Test Preparation

5 TEAS Test Preparation Essentials

If you aspire to become a nurse, you would be aware of the TEAS. This test happens to be one of the most competitive tests given by candidates who aspire to become nurses.

An Overview of the TEAS:

The Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standardized aptitude test, conducted for admissions in nursing programs. This is a pre-entrance test which is mandatory for enrolling into a nursing program. It is designed by ATI and is accepted by many schools, as it helps to identify potential candidates who can be groomed in the best quality nurses. Therefore, this test score not only determines your performance but also would make you eligible for admission in a reputed institute with a strong nursing program.

Now that you have decided to take this test, the next important step you have to take is to identify a good method to prepare for the test. Since this test is of great magnitude, there are a few points you can consider that would help you to prepare for the same.

5 Preparation Tips:

  1. Know the TEAS Test Structure:

    Before you start preparing, it is vital for you to collect all the information you can get about the exam. This would help you create a crisp plan that would aid in thorough preparation. You should know that this test has 4 sections and has a total of 170 questions. Each test section is time bound. The respective sections are the Reading section, the Math section, the Science section and the English Language and Usage section. The entire test is in the multiple choice format and lasts for 209 minutes.

  2. Avail Good TEAS Study Resources:

    There is no gain in studying from study guides which are not helpful. Thus, it is best to avail those study guides which not only help you learn the test content, but provide strategies to ace the test. Many candidates claim that certain books helped them secure a high scores. These resources are available online and offline and have positive and consistent reviews. Some of these study books are mentioned below:

    • TEAS V Study Package, designed by ATI.
    • McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests, authored by Kathy Zahler.
    • Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams, published by Princeton Review.
    • Secrets of the TEASĀ® V Exam Study Guide, published by Mometrix Media LLC

  3. Learn Helpful Strategies to Ace the Test:

    Merely studying theory for each section would not be sufficient for your overall preparation for the test. You should be able to arrive to the answer using simple and effective strategies. Any good study resource would tutor you about the important techniques of problem solving through elimination and phasing out. You should understand the rationale behind the answer keys and should be able to execute it independently.

  4. Create a Study Plan:

    Since every individual has a unique learning style, study plan also differs from person to person. A good study plan would have an even distribution of time available for practicing all sections of the TEAS. You should also be aware of your weak subject areas and devote more time to improve them in order to get a good score. If you want to gain a high score, you would have to chalk out a strong study plan and would have to follow it with discipline.

  5. Practice, Practice and Practice!

    In general, sample questions are provided in good study guides that can help you practice. Since every section is time-bound, you would be required to solve questions of each section with a different time strategy.

    Many candidates, who have secured high scores, tell that they had access to good practice sessions that helped them a lot during their test preparation. In fact, you can avail resources online for practice assessments on the official website of ATI (

    There may be no specific guide on the best method to prepare for this test. However, the one thing that can boost your confidence and ensure you being well-prepared is to practice for the TEAS test continuously. After all, isn't it said "Practice makes a man perfect!"

Since the TEAS is very competitive, there is a lot to study, which cannot be done overnight. Many candidates who could not be successful share that their failure was because of lack of practice. It is important to identify a method of preparation that is ideal for you; nevertheless you should pace yourself wisely.