How to Pass the TEAS V Test

5 Pointers to Help You Prepare for the TEAS

TEAS, Test of Essential Academic Skills, is the preliminary admission test whose scores many nursing schools use as a selection or rejection criterion for admission to their nursing programs. It tests the basic knowledge of the aspirants in Science, English usage, Reading and Math. It tests an aspirant's response to problems under pressure of time because that is similar to what nurses will face in reality. In other words, it tests an aspirant's caliber to become a nurse and that is the main reason why universities pay TEAS for using their scores. So, now you can easily understand why preparing for TEAS is so crucial.

Mostly students get confused and get bogged down by the amount of material that is available in the market for TEAS. In order to ease the process, here are 5 pointers that can really support you in knowing how to pass the TEAS v test:

  1. Go Through the Official Material Thoroughly

    This is, perhaps, the most important word of advice. The official material is available on the official website of ATI: There are practice tests available and two different question banks. Each of the question banks caters to the needs of students who are specifically targeting version 5.0 of the TEAS. They contain 150 questions each along with the answers and explanations. The official guide contains all the information that helps you in knowing how to pass the TEAS v test. The cost of the full package is 90$. There are many practice questions given in the material as well.

  2. Practice Enough

    The best advice would be to practice till you become perfect in that particular topic. For that, you need a combination of different resources including, but not limited to, the official material. There are many books, published by various publishing houses, available in the market. Each of them has study modules, practice tests, drills and answers and explanations.

    Each student needs extra practice in one or the other area. You must target that area and find out extra resources to practice those key concepts. Additionally, a lot of practice material is available free of cost online too. You can visit these websites and practice for your TEAS online. This will also help you to adjust yourself to an online exam in case you are targeting a computer-based test. Slowly, you will be able to form your own strategies on how to pass the TEAS v test.

  3. Learn to Adapt to the Pressure of Time

    There is a limited amount of time given for each section in the actual test. There is a set number of questions and a fixed number of minutes for each section. The pressure of time is high, and in order to ace the TEAS, it is imperative that you carry on timed practice tests. This will help you in practicing how to pass the TEAS v test under the pressure of time.

  4. Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses

    Every aspirant should be able to carry out his or her own analysis, pertaining to strengths and weaknesses. There is a possibility that one section is one’s strength and another one is a weakness. In that case, the aspirant must keep practicing the stronger section to remain strong in it. For the weaker section, the advisable strategy would be to start from the basic concepts and then practice on drills of increasing order of difficulty. Slowly and gradually, your confidence will start increasing and you will be able to ascertain your own personal strategy to how to pass the TEAS v test by using your strengths and weaknesses to the maximum advantage.

  5. Be Calm and Composed

    Deep breathing is one of the best activities to do in case of a stressful situation. While practice sessions may not be very difficult, the actual test conditions will definitely make you nervous. There are many mistakes and errors that can happen if you are nervous or tensed in the exam. For such a situation, you can try taking long breaths and try deep breathing. It will be easier for you to concentrate. In a nutshell, try to be calm and composed.

Practice makes anyone perfect. Apart from practice, there is need for smart work, not just hard work. The key is to know what helps you the most and them implementing it in your daily schedule. This is the best and the most trusted way of knowing how to pass the TEAS v test.

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