How to Pass the TEAS Test

TEAS Passing Criteria

Nursing has become one of the most sought after professions in the US. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for registered nurses will grow in comparison to other occupations through 2018. In the search for the best candidates and quest for becoming the ideal suitor for a job, institutes offering nursing programs have to be confident in accepting potential candidates who would turn out to be exceptional nurses.

Thus, not everyone applying to a nursing program is considered by schools for admission. Institutes with nursing programs require candidates who possess certain competencies and skills sets specific to the line of nursing; hence, they need to assess them before they enroll into the program. Hence, for anyone who aspires to study nursing, the very first step is to understand how to pass the TEAS test.

TEAS (Test for Essential Academic Skills), is a psychometric exam designed to test the aptitude and to map the competencies of candidates who aspire to study courses related to nursing. The TEAS test, a prerequisite for admission in nursing programs, is becoming competitive day by day. In order to ace the test, candidates have to be all the more prepared because only a good TEAS score is what would get you into a strong nursing program with a reputed school. Well, keep reading in order to know some helpful points that would let you know how to pass the TEAS test.

Know the TEAS Test Structure:

Have you been wondering how to pass the TEAS test? In order to answer this question, you should know the TEAS test structure. The ATI TEAS test structure is in the multiple choice questions format. It is a 170-questions exam which is divided in 4 time-bound sections and the entire test lasts for about 3 1/2 hours. These sections are the Reading Section (40 questions with time limit of 50 minutes), Math Section (45 questions with time limit of 56 minutes), Science Section (30 questions with time limit of 38 minutes), English and Language Usage Section (55 questions with time limit of in 65 minutes).

Learn about the TEAS Scores:

You should also be aware of the TEAS passing criteria. Before you prepare for the test, you should know all the formalities and rules involved in it. There is no pass or fail score assigned by ATI TEAS. In fact, schools decide the TEAS passing criteria by assigning a TEAS score range. If your score for the TEAS is within the range mentioned by the school, you become eligible to enroll for the nursing program. If you are unable to fulfill this TEAS passing criteria, your application would be unfortunately rejected.

When you complete the TEAS test, a detailed assessment summary is given mentioning the Adjusted Individual Score, National mean, Program mean, Percentile rank - National and Percentile rank - Program. Since there is no passing cut off mentioned by ATI, the TEAS passing criteria differs from institute to institute.

Based on your Adjusted Individual score, your Academic Preparedness Level is assigned by ATI as "Advanced" (80%-90%), "Proficient" (70%-80%) or "Exemplary" (90% and above). The Program Mean Score happens to be considered while applying for admission in a school and generally any score above 70% is considered to be an exceptionally good score. The Program Mean Score of 60%- 70% is considered to be good. A Program Mean Score below 60% is considered an average score. However, in any case the institute gets to decide the TEAS passing criteria.

TEAS Preparation:

After you get familiarized with the TEAS test structure and are aware of the TEAS passing criteria, your next concern is to get access to reliable TEAS study guides to prepare for the test. A good TEAS study guide would have in depth descriptions of topics on each of the test sections. There would be ample of assessments simulating the actual TEAS test along with answer keys and rationales which justify the answers. A few good resources are: "Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Manual", "McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests", "Secrets of the TEAS® V Exam Study Guide and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams". These are books with really good reviews from candidates who have successfully attempted TEAS and have got a good score. These books have helpful tips and strategies that tutor you on how to pass the TEAS test.

While preparing for TEAS, set your target score based on the school requirements for the nursing program you wish to apply. Also try to be in touch with the school administration, online communities and forums to be aware of the resources available and to know about any changes that would take place in the test of TEAS. Assess yourself through practice tests and study the topics for every section thoroughly.

However, it must be known that, there is no specific mantra to how to pass the TEAS test. Every individual has a unique learning pattern, but through a rigorous study regime, with even distribution of time for every topic, you will get through. The TEAS exam is quite overwhelming; but if you pace yourself correctly, you would be well prepared and would definitely secure a great TEAS score.

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