Techniques That Will Help to Pass the TEAS Version V

Methods of Preparation for TEAS

Many candidates aspire to become professional nurses; however, not every one may be suitable for the job. The TEAS V exam happens to be a very effective psychometric tool which is used to distinguish the academic capabilities within a candidate relevant to nursing programs. Through this test, the institutes are able to select potential candidates and groom them into quality nurses.

The Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an aptitude test which is a prerequisite for admission in a nursing program. The test, created by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), is used by schools to shortlist potential candidates through competency mapping. If you are taking the test, the most common thought in your mind would be about scores and achieving them.

More about the TEAS V Test:

The earlier version of the test was TEAS 3.0/4.0; however, the latest version is the TEAS V test. It is conducted in multiple choice format and has 4 specific sections based on academic subjects. These sections are the Reading section, the Math section, the Science section and the English and Language Usage section. The whole test lasts 209 minutes. There are 170 questions; wherein the Reading Section has 40 questions, the Math Section has 45 questions, the Science Section has 30 questions and the English and Language Usage Section has 55 questions.

There is no specific or easy method to pass the exam, however there are some tried and tested strategies that have proven to be effective for the test preparation. At this juncture, it must be stated that this test is highly competitive and requires a lot of preparation.

Study Methods for TEAS V Preparation:

  1. Using Study Guides:

    The first and foremost advice given to anyone preparing for the test is to purchase a good study guide. Although you may have different study resources, a good quality guide will give you comprehensive information, rationales, sample questions and answer keys on all test topics along with individual assessments. These guides not only mention helpful tips on preparing, but also tutor you to solve questions through simple techniques. Therefore, it is important to have a study guide and make the most of it.

    There are some study guides which have gained popular and positive reviews. These resources are known to be effective and have great user reviews from candidates who have secured a high score in the test. The most prominent of these resources are listed below:

    • TEAS V Study Package, designed by ATI.
    • McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests, authored by Kathy Zahler.
    • Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams, published by Princeton Review.
    • Secrets of the TEASĀ® V Exam Study Guide, published by Mometrix Media LLC.

  2. Personal Study Planner:

    A personal study planner is an effective tool to keep you from procrastination and push yourself harder to reach your goal, which greatly depends on how prepared you are for the test. You have a massive ground to cover when it comes to preparing for the test. Hence, it is impossible to study everything in just a few days. However, when you organize your study topics and plan to spend few hours daily, preparing for the test becomes much easier!

  3. Flashcards:

    Flashcards are one of the most effective study tools known to help you prepare for the test. Since the information on certain test topics can be extremely elaborate, it becomes difficult to memorize it. The same content can be written on index cards in a simplified form of specific points, diagrams, points to remember etc. You can create your own flashcards; however there are TEAS specific flashcards available in the market as well.

  4. Online TEAS Assessments:

    In order to be completely prepared, you may want to combine the use of study aids with practice assessments. It is essential that you practice a few online tests to familiarize yourself with the actual test. By solving the practice sessions available in study guides, you would not only practice, but would also be prepared for the final test. Even though you can avail free practice sessions on the internet, it is better to go to the official website of ATI which offers paid online practice assessments. You have to keep assessing till you start getting a high score consistently.

Since every individual has unique ways to learn, passing the exam depends on the preparation strategy you design. Through good quality study aids and a crisp plan of action; you can definitely secure a high score which would take you to the school of your choice.