How Many Questions are on the TEAS Test?

Test Break-Up of TEAS

If you have decided to enroll into a nursing program, you have chosen a dynamic career line which involves grit and determination. Since students have to be trained and groomed into the finest nurses, schools demand candidates with academic skills relevant to nursing programs. The TEAS test happens to be the selection criteria used by schools to shortlist potential candidates for nursing programs.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), is a standardized aptitude test designed by a company called ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute), based in Kansas, USA. This test is a psychometric tool used to analyze the candidates competencies based on academic subjects like English, Math and Science.

The queries often asked by candidates appearing for TEAS are: How many questions are on the TEAS test? What is the format of the TEAS test? Will there be any descriptive questions in the TEAS test? In order to answer these concerns, you can read the information mentioned in this article.

The TEAS Test Structure:

The preparation of the TEAS test is quite overwhelming. Since this is a pre-entrance exam, the competition is pretty fierce. The preparation for each section of the TEAS test is important and the level of preparation depends on how many questions are on the TEAS test. Every section would give you little to answer the questions. Hence, it is important to be through and well prepared before the TEAS V exam.

The ATI testing TEAS Test structure is non-descriptive and is available in the multiple choice format. It is an extensive test with 170 questions and is divided into 4 time-bound sections, which are the Reading section, the Math section, the Science section and the English and Language Usage section, respectively. This test can be given online as well as in the paper and pencil format, depending upon the candidate’s preference mentioned during the TEAS test registration. Each TEAS test section is created to assess certain competencies and academic aptitude.

  1. The Reading section: This section has 40 questions based on comprehension and paragraph reading.The questions have to be completed within 50 minutes. These questions are designed to check the logical reasoning skills of a candidate.
  2. The Math section: This section involves 45 questions which that have to be answered without the use of calculators. The questions are based on metric conversions, fractions, algebra, percentiles, ratio and proportion, decimals etc. The time limit for this section is 56 minutes.
  3. The Science section: In the Science section, the candidate has to answer 30 questions within 38 minutes. This section has questions based on human anatomy, chemical and physical concepts and theories.
  4. The English and Language Usage section: This section has 55 questions which are based on basic grammar, sentence construction and lingual concepts. The candidate is given 65 minutes for this section.

The preparation for each section of the TEAS test is important and the level of preparation for each test section depends on how many questions are on the TEAS test. For example: you would getonly 1.26 minutes to solve each question in the Math section. Therefore, yourcalculations have to be precise and accurate in order to finish the entire section successfully. Your preparation for the Math section in TEAS would involve a lot of practice with manual calculations since calculators will not be allowed. The section wise TEAS score solely depends on how many questions are on the TEAS test which have been correctly answered during the test by you.

Similarly, every section would give you just over a minute to answer each question. Hence, it is important to be through and organized before the TEAS V exam and prepare using reliable study resources.

Using TEAS Study Resources:

Although you can avail many TEAS study guides online, only few can be trusted. It should be known that any reliable study resource for TEAS would have positive user reviews and high ratings. There are some tried and tested TEAS test study resources which are listed below:

  • The TEAS V Study Package
  • The McGraw-Hills 5 TEAS Practice Tests
  • Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams
  • Secrets of the TEAS® V Exam Study Guide

These TEAS study books have a rich question bank which trains you to perform well in every section of the test. Many candidates using these books have secured a good score in the TEAS test. After all, it does not matter how many questions are on the TEAS test, what matters is how well you have practiced each section. Through continuous assessments, you can develop speed and precision, both of which are vital for securing a high TEAS score.

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