How Is the TEAS Test Scored

How Is the Score of TEAS Used?

The TEAS score is a combination of scores from four different areas: Reading, Math, Science and Use of English language. The manner in which these scores are used is completely subjective and varies from one college to another. Different colleges have different cut-offs i.e. the minimum requirement of score to allow admission. Most of the good and reputed nursing schools have a minimum requirement of 75 percent for the English, Math and Science section. The Reading section has high cut-offs and for top schools, it can also reach up to 85 percent. This article highlights how is the TEAS test scored.


The cut-off is not fixed for every school for each year. Rather, the cut-off of a school depends on the scores of the students applying to the school. Some schools give more importance to specific subject scores such as only Science or only Reading or both. Sometimes, your national percentiles are given more importance than the state percentiles. However, if the national percentiles of two students are the same, then the scores in the Science and Math section may be considered. Due to various factors, it is possible for nursing schools to select a student by looking at various components of his TEAS score. For instance, two students have same English, Math and Science scores. Then, the Reading score would help the school to select the right candidate.

Relative Importance of All Sections

It is very important to score high in all the sections of the test and also to not give any doubts regarding the eligibility criteria. You need to understand that all the sections are important and neither of them should be neglected. Before applying to a university, you can check the profile of some senior students who have been selected in order to know better about the various preferences given by the school to various sections of the test. This would explain why it is important to know how is the TEAS test scored.

How is the TEAS Score used?

It is very important to understand that scoring the minimum required score or the cut-off in each section solely does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. Every nursing school always selects the top scoring students, who may be having a score higher than the minimum criteria set by that school. At the end, the decision of selection or rejection depends upon the scores of all the students applying to that particular nursing college. Hence, it is important to not only score the minimum score in each section but also to achieve the maximum possible scores in that the selector does not have second thoughts about selecting your application.

Some nursing schools also consider the number of times you have appeared for the test. Hence, it becomes very important for the test takers to try to score the desired scores in their first attempt. While some of the universities may allow you to take the test few times (may be 3 or 4 times, but limited to two times within one academic cycle), other universities would prefer only one time test takers.

Importance of the Score Report

When you receive your TEAS score report, you will be amazed by the statistical knowledge of the test makers. There are many types of scores which are mentioned in the TEAS score report, all of which can be used by college selectors in or against your favor. For that, you need to know how is the TEAS test scored.

There is an individual section score which shows what you have scored in each section. Then there is the National mean score. National mean score tells about the average score of all the test takers in the nation. The national mean score gives you an idea about your score. A good score will always be above the national score. You will also receive your percentile score. Hundred percentile goes to the top scorer and based on that top score, percentile scores are allocated to various other scores. For example, if 80 percent is the top score, then it is 100 percentile and if 79.99 percent is the second top score, then it will be the next lower percentile, for instance 99.99 percentile. All the top universities target students above the 90th percentile range. The score report is very descriptive and thus it gives the nursing schools an appropriate tool for screening students for their nursing programs.

Thus, apart from preparing for the TEAS test, you also need to know how is the TEAS test scored. This will eventually help you to prepare yourself better.

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