How hard is the TEAS test?

TEAS Test Passing Tips

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an aptitude test designed and conducted by ATI to evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities of a student in accordance to the admission criteria specified by the nursing schools across USA. If nursing is the profession you want to make a career in, then taking the TEAS and scoring well in it is the first stepping stone to get an admission into one of those elite pre-nursing schools.

The TEAS takes you through a 170 multiple-choice questions with four options each, covering the areas of Maths, Science, Reading and English & Language Usage skills. Duration of the test is 209 minutes and it can be taken in computer-based and paper & pencil-based formats. The TEAS test assessment is meant to evaluate your knowledge and basic skills in Maths, Science, Reading and English & Language Usage skills. This assessment helps the nursing schools to measure the suitability of a candidate for the pre-nursing study and profession.

Wondering how hard is the TEAS test?

To begin with, TEAS is all about your high school studies that include the subject areas of Maths, Science, Reading, and English & Language Usage skills. TEAS test study is no rocket science. The entire idea behind preparing for it is to brush up your high school level academic skills and prepare for the test with the right aptitude. By now you must have understood how hard is the TEAS test, and what it needs to excel in it. Thus, your meticulous efforts, dedication, strong subject knowledge, and momentum of time spent for the preparations are the only key to your success in TEAS.

Pool of Available Resources

The official test website offers a multitude of resources primarily designed and readily available for aspiring students. All you need is to create an account with ATI and make optimum use of the resources available at ease like the Study Manual, the Online practice assessment forms A and B, the TEAS V study package and also a comprehensive book - Learning strategies with tips and a complete guide for test taking students. This will surely help to plummet your anxiety about how hard is the TEAS test.

Other than the official test website, there are many other websites available for your use. These websites also incorporate practice test papers that will give you an idea of the TEAS test. However, you will always need to remember to follow and adapt the methods and strategies prescribed by the official test website. This will help to keep you updated with all the latest information.

If you are baffled about how hard is the TEAS test, then the use of the flash cards strategy is one great way to memorize facts easily and efficiently. You can self-create these flashcards or make use of the ones available online free. The idea behind using flash cards is to help one memorize all the important facts, tricks, formulae which will be of great use during the test.

5 Amazing Tips to Pass the TEAS Test at Ease

  1. Drill down the TEAS- Gather as much information as you can about the TEAS test. The official test website is your bible. Create an account with ATI and make the maximum use of all the available resources on it. The best one among them is the TEAS V study package, which is a combo of the Study manual and two online assessment forms with rationales.
  2. Connect the dots of information- Understand the format & duration of the test and structure of the questions being asked. Get a detailed insight into the subjects and the topics covered in the test.
  3. Practice makes man perfect- Continue to take practice tests on a regular front. This helps to know your standing in the test and also gives an overview of your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Get the reality-check- Review your practice test every time you take it and ensure that you are putting in an extra effort to cover your weak areas in the study.
  5. Stay up-to-date- Last but not the least, relax and be well prepared before your test. Keep yourself updated with every bit of essential information about TEAS and make sure that you do not miss any.

Plunge in your anxiety about how hard is the TEAS test and start preparing for the test. Ultimately, it is the scrupulous effort that goes in along with hard work, dedication and uninterrupted focus to help you taste success in TEAS.

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