How Difficult is the TEAS Test?

What Makes TEAS Challenging?

Many students, who take the TEAS, claim that it is difficult to obtain a high score in the test, at the first attempt. How true is this? In this article, you can get answers to all your doubts about the challenges pertaining to the test. In addition, you can learn about a few useful methods, which can help you for an easier test preparation and thereby, a good score.

To a certain extent, the TEAS is a difficult test. However, it cannot be denied that the difficulty level varies from one student to the other. There have been students who have reported that the test was just a child's play for them. Hence, it cannot be totally stamped as a tough exam. Rather, the ease of the test depends upon the aptitude of the individual student as well as the kind of preparation one does for the test. Thus, it will be appropriate to list out the challenges which make the test difficult.

What Makes the TEAS Difficult?

  • Time Management During the Test:

    A total of 209 minutes to answer 170 questions gives a test taker just more than a minute to answer each question. This means that he/she needs to be really quick in solving the questions, especially the mathematical problems.

  • The Science Section of the Test:

    Many test takers find it difficult to attempt the science portion of the test. This is because the science syllabus is vast and it demands a huge amount of time to master the concepts.

  • Insufficient Time for the Test Preparation:

    Candidates, who spend their day-time in school or at work, do not get enough time to focus on their test preparation. Most of them end up hurrying their test reviews in the last couple of days before the test, which results in an insufficient preparation for the test.

  • Choosing an Appropriate Study Guide:

    Many students face a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right test prep study guide for their test preparation. They are often confused about deciding the usefulness of a study book before buying it.

By now, the above-mentioned challenges of the TEAS might have answered your question about its level of difficulty. Read on more to know how to deal with these challenges.

It is true that there are a few difficult aspects about the test; however, they can be easily overcome by practicing the following helpful instructions:

  • Take Sufficient Practice Tests:

    Gaining subject knowledge is only a part of your test preparation. The rest is focusing on taking timed, full-length practice tests, which gives you hands-on experience in time management, required at the time of the test.

  • Spend Added Focus on Your Weak Subject Area:

    Every student might have a specific area or topic which they feel less confident about. It is essential to spot and give more attention to such weak areas. Ironically, students have a tendency to ignore or procrastinate preparation of such topics which must be strictly avoided.

  • Start an Early Test Preparation:

    Instead of wasting time in asking others whether TEAS is tough, you must concentrate on making the test easy for yourself and by yourself. Once you know that you are required to take the test sooner or later, there is no point in delaying the test preparation. An early start can make you well-prepared before the test.

  • Do not Depend on a Single Prep Book:

    There are chances that one test prep book complements another, with respect to certain content. Therefore, it does no harm in referring to more than one study guide for your test preparation.