Collective Information About TEAS

How to Gather Information about TEAS

The journey of your professional career as a nurse solely depends on the quality of the academic training you receive. In order to get an admission into a reputed university which would have a strong nursing program, you are required to clear the TEAS test.

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a standardized aptitude test recognized by almost every university for admissions in nursing programs across USA and Canada. In fact, it is not a mere test, but is also an effective evaluation tool used to analyze the candidate's competencies required by nursing programs.

About Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI):

ATI is known to be a distinguished e-learning provider for nursing education in USA. The company has pioneered in testing methodologies for competency mapping through psychoanalytical tools, designed specifically for nursing programs. The TEAS is a pre-entrance assessment designed for candidates who choose to study nursing for their post-secondary degree.

The exam is available in the multiple choice format. It has 170 questions and is divided into 4 time-bound sections, which are the Reading section, the Math section, the Science section and the English and Language Usage section.

The result is quite extensive and helps in the selection of potential nursing candidates, fit to be transformed into quality nurses. The TEAS scorecard has composite scores which are computed for all 4 sections of the test. Apart from this, 13 sub-scores assess specific content comprehension reports reflecting the individual performance as well as the overall scores are measured and published to be sent to the universities.

ATI Learning Resource for TEAS:

If you are preparing for the TEAS test, what better way would be there than to prepare utilizing ATI certified TEAS V products? There is an abundance of study material  available on the official ATI website at However, a brief description of these products is mentioned below:

  • ATI TEAS V Manual:The ATI study manual has comprehensive instructional material for all 4 sections.It has ample practice problems with answer keys. It also contains two 150-item comprehensive practice tests with recommended time limits, solutions and problem solving rationales for the solutions to understand why the answers are correct.

  • TEAS V Online Practice Assessments: There are two paid test versions for practice, one online practice test is recommended to be attempted during preparation to assess the candidate's weak subject areas, while the other practice test is suggested to be taken a few days before the exam to test the preparation level.

  • TEAS V Study Package: This is a combined package of two online practice assessments and the TEAS V Study Manual available for purchase at a discounted price.

Since many candidates have used the official study material and have found it to be helpful in their preparation for the test, these resources are beneficial and highly recommended.

Registering for the TEAS test:

There are different ways to register for the test:

  1. The registration can be done through the official website of ATI( registration by paying online.

  2. This can also be done by visiting an ATI certified TEAS test center where you would be required to fill out an application and pay the fee amount as directed by the institution.

Once the registration is over, you have to mention the details of the schools and nursing program you are seeking admission in. It should be known that TEAS V is the most recent and acceptable version of the test with all universities and the scorecard is valid for two years. Therefore, you should be quick in applying to schools in order to get into a good nursing program.

Apart from study resources, there are many paid online facilities available; like e-tutoring sessions, guides for testing skill development etc. The official TEAS resources created by ATI have extremely positive user reviews and are worth investing in. Hence, with the help of such well researched study aids, you can secure a high score in the test and create your way to a bright future as a professional nurse!