ATI Testing TEAS V

Importance of Making a Schedule for Taking TEAS

With many institutions requiring a TEAS score before joining their entry-level nursing programs, candidates need to give due importance to the ATI testing TEAS V. The test is a measure of academic skills and ability levels, and would need systematic planning and preparations to take it. Therefore, along with learning the essentials of this ATI testing TEAS V, candidates should plan for the test and test preparation well in advance. The essentials of this competitive test are listed below. In the course of this article, you can find information on why and how you should have a well-defined plan for taking this test.

The Essentials of TEAS Testing

The fundamentals of ATI testing TEAS V are as follows:

  • Developed and conducted by ATI, a nursing education company, the TEAS is a competitive test of academic skills. The TEAS results are considered a good predictor of future academic success in certain nursing programs.
  • In its fifth version, the test is now known as the TEAS V; it is administered several times a year, as per a pre-decided testing schedule, across different testing locations.
  • English language usage skills including the reading skills, General Science, and Mathematics are the core areas measured in this test.
  • ATI testing TEAS V is proctored and takes 209 minutes to complete the test (though the actual administration may take a little longer). In most cases, the test results are available after 48 hours of test taking.

The official ATI testing website provides information on the different aspects of this test (

TEAS Test Content and Question Types

The following are the four main areas of ATI testing TEAS V:

  • English and Language usage: This part of the TEAS V test aims to objectively evaluate the test takers√≠ abilities and proficiency levels in the language usage. Questions cover topics from grammar, punctuation, and noun usage areas of English language.
  • Reading: This section aims to measure the candidates√≠ language skills in terms of vocabulary power and reading comprehension ability at basic and advanced levels.
  • Mathematics: The Mathematics section of the TEAS test includes questions covering various core topics like Algebra, and Advanced Algebra, Averages and Rounding, Estimation and Sequences, Graphs, Exponents, Fractions and Square Roots, Percents, Geometry, Measurement and Ratios.
  • Science: Various topics from Anatomical, Physiological, Ecological, Earth, Chemical and Physical Sciences are quizzed in this part of the test.

The TEAS V test includes only multiple-choice questions. The questions are distributed as follows:

  • 40 question items in the Reading area
  • 55 items in the English and Language usage area
  • 45 questions in the Mathematics area
  • 30 question items in the Science area

TEAS Test Preparation - The Need for a Schedule

Though the ATI testing TEAS V score requirements may vary depending on the institution, the fact remains that TEAS is an essential prerequisite for nursing school admission (for several colleges). It may be also noted that despite the differing minimum score criteria, higher TEAS scores are always given priority at institutions. To summarize, TEAS is important if you are aspiring to become a nurse, and in your preparations, you need to accept and acknowledge this fact. A systematic plan of study (whether self-study or at a professional coaching center) can, therefore, be extremely beneficial. Other important reasons why or how a preparation schedule can help you better are listed below:

  • Planning in advance gives you ample time: You will need time to get acquainted with the test and prepare thoroughly for it. This is especially true, if you are not in touch with the core subjects tested. In addition, this gives you time to focus on any weaker areas and improve in them.
  • Planning in advance helps you choose the best test date/location combination: If you wait till the deadline to apply for registration, you may not get a convenient location/date.
  • With a systematic study plan, it is easier to cover all the areas of testing and allocate time for practice tests and drills as well: Practice tests being essential steps in any test preparation, it is important that you find time to do tests and drills. This also helps you learn the test pattern and timings better and get acquainted with them.
  • Planning ahead also helps you look for the right resources and prep programs: You get time to carefully analyze your needs and accordingly choose the materials or prep programs.
  • Keeping a schedule helps you progress smoothly: With milestones set and progress tabs in place, it is easier to spot where you are failing and take remedial measures accordingly.

To conclude, with a prep plan in place, it is easier to plan for the test giving due importance to all the relevant aspects and focusing specifically on any weaker areas. And with the right kind of preparation, the ATI testing TEAS V test can change your nursing school and career prospects positively.

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