ATI TEAS Version 5

Purpose of ATI TEAS Version 5

ATI TEAS Version 5 is the latest version of the TEAS aptitude test, which is conducted by nursing colleges of United States, to find out about the suitability of applicants, for nursing courses offered by them. The TEAS 5 question paper focuses on four major academic areas: Reading, English and Language Usage, Mathematics and Science. An applicant’s basic knowledge in these areas is tested, to evaluate the underlying skills of communication, mental agility and scientific knowledge. The question paper consists of 170 questions, which need to be completed in 3 hrs. The net score obtained in the exam by an examinee is a composite of the scores obtained in the individual sections.

The TEAS comprises four sections: Reading, Mathematics, Science, English and Language Usage. Each section has a number of objective-type questions with multiple-choice answers. You have to complete the entire test in 3.5 hours.

What is the Purpose of ATI TEAS Version 5?

Discussed below are the purposes of ATI TEAS Version 5:

  • To let colleges assess an examinee's mental skills- ATI TEAS Version 5 lets college authorities and students assess their mental skills. The job description of nurses or healthcare professionals necessitates their working in close proximity with doctors, in which case, they need to be alert, be medically aware and communicate well with the patients. A nurse, in fact, should be capable of handling a patient in the doctor’s absence as well. A nurse who lacks these qualities is not really suitable for a nursing job as she lacks the desired competency.

  • To prepare an examinee for the nursing profession- The ATI TEAS Version 5 is aimed at qualifying students for the nursing course, which demands good mental and communication skills. It often happens that students have forgotten their basic academic concepts. However, these concepts are required in the nursing profession. By preparing for the TEAS, an examinee is recalling all that he or she has learnt in school and this knowledge goes a long way in having an efficient career.

  • To aid in career decisions- Your performance in the ATI TEAS version 5 will let you know your academic strengths and weaknesses. Though, finally, a composite score is awarded, your performance, in the different sections individually, is also conveyed to you. This lets you know your strong and weak areas. Your scores itself will let you know if you are suitable for admission in the nursing course. If you perform well in the test, the nursing course is the best career option for you. If your scores are not all that good in TEAS, you should understand that a career in nursing is not for you. In such a case, you should either try to attempt the exam once more and improve your scores, or contemplate taking up an alternative career.

  • A standardized test from a well reputed and accepted examining authority- A good reason for getting your nursing aptitude assessed by TEAS is that it is a widely accepted, standardized and prestigious assessment test, and your TEAS score will go a long way in enhancing the worth of your resume. Though there are other tests, such as NET, for admission in nursing courses, most of the colleges, these days, prefer to consider TEAS scores in place of others.

  • TEAS Score is preferred to College GPA- A good score in ATI TEAS Version 5 can earn you admission into a nursing course, even though your GPA may be just average.

  • TEAS Version 5 score is the latest valid score for nursing course admission- You may have appeared for earlier version of TEAS, but the scores that you obtained in those tests will be considered invalid, as since the time the ATI TEAS Version 5 came into practice, scores of the earlier versions of the test are being considered as obsolete. You have to take the TEAS 5 test for admission to nursing courses, in present times. However, you can communicate with the colleges that you are interested in taking admission in, regarding this issue.


The ATI TEAS Version 5 satisfies a number of purposes related to a career in nursing. The importance of this test can be judged by the fact that admission in nursing courses in the United States has become rare without TEAS assessment by the colleges.

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