Format and Other Details of ATI TEAS Version V

Why Is the Latest Version of TEAS Important For You?

TEAS V is the latest version of TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills), developed by Assessment Technologies(ATI), for testing the aptitude of nursing aspirants in specific content areas, such as, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science and English Language and Usage. It has become the most popular nursing entrance examination for colleges in the United States of America. Hence, it is important for all nursing aspirants to take this version of the test, and perform well in it.

The Test Format

This test, which is the only currently valid version of TEAS, consists of a total 170 objective-type questions, which need to be answered in 3.5 hours. The individual content areas of the test are of different lengths. The Science section covers 32 % of the question paper, and presents questions in Life Sciences (10 %), Earth and Physical Sciences (9%), Human Body Science (7%), and Scientific Reasoning (5 %). The Reading Comprehension section, which covers 28% of the question paper, consists of the Passage Comprehension section (with 23 questions) and the Paragraph Comprehension section (19 questions). The Mathematics section, which constitutes 20 % of the entire TEAS question paper, consists of 30 questions (19 questions from Numbers & Operations, and 4 questions each from Algebraic Expressions and Measurement and Data Interpretation). The English and Language Usage section contributes to 20 percent of the TEAS question paper. It contains 30 questions which have to be answered in 30 minutes. The time durations for the completion of the different sections, individually, are: 54 minutes for Science, 48 minutes for Reading Comprehension, 34 minutes for Mathematics and 34 minutes for English and Language Usage.

A composite score of the scores obtained in the individual sections of this test is given, though the scores obtained in the individual sections are declared, as well.

Why is this Test Important for You?

  • TEAS V scores are mandatory for admission in nursing courses- Many colleges of the United States of America are granting admission to nursing aspirants based on the scores of this version.

  • Earlier versions of TEAS are invalidated- Scores of earlier versions of TEAS are not being accepted anymore by colleges. Hence, it is mandatory for you to take TEAS V for getting admitted in nursing courses in the current year.

  • TEAS V prepares you for a career in nursing- In the process of preparing, you are brushing up your academic concepts and exercising your brain. This sharpens your mental faculties, and you start performing well in the nursing career, which requires a lot of brain work. It has been observed that nursing students who had passed the test were academically brighter than the others.

  • TEAS V helps you in taking the correct career decision- Your performance in TEAS 5 will be a decisive factor in your decision of pursuing a nursing career. If you do well, you will get admission in a good college. However, if your performance is not satisfactory  you can rethink about your interest in nursing, and go for another career. Your individual scores will let you know the academic subjects in which you are strong. You can pursue further studies in the academic course in which you are strong. For example, suppose, your overall scores were low because you performed badly in Mathematics, but you have done well in English and Language Usage, you can always opt for higher studies in English.

  • TEAS V score is preferred over GPA for admission in nursing courses- Colleges give more weightage to TEAS scores, in comparison to high school GPA, with regard to admission in nursing courses.


 The latest version of TEAS and it is a very important entrance test for nursing colleges in the United States of America. Hence, it is important for you to prepare well and perform well in it.