Study Guide for TEAS Version V

How to Obtain the Official Study Manual

The Test of Essential Academic Skills or the TEAS is administered by the ATI and it is a multiple-choice, standardized test. Candidates who possess the academic skills that are essential for succeeding in a nursing program are identified through this test. Most of the nursing schools prefer this test as it has been proven statistically that the scores in the test truly reflect the future academic success of students taking up a nursing course.

Math, Science, Language and Reading skills are tested in this test comprising of 170 questions and it lasts for 209 minutes.

The Test Study Guides:

Study guides are essential for any test preparation. For this test in particular, they prove to be useful due to the following reasons:

  • They cover all the subject areas and the sub-topics that are tested in the exam.
  • They contain practice tests which help you in understanding the format of the test and increase the speed with which you solve the problems.
  • They provide exam tips which assist you in solving problems in easy but quick ways.
  • They also contain stress relieving tips which prove to be very useful during the exam.

There are many study guides available in the market today. However, the prep book that has been published by the administrators themselves is quite comprehensive and everyone who is planning on taking up the TEAS must possess it.

TEAS Review Manual, Vers. V (5) (ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS))

All the sections of the test are covered in this study manual. Two comprehensive practice tests are also a part of this book. Moreover, many practice problems are provided in this book and towards the end of it, the answers to the practice tests and practice problems are provided.

Where to get this book?

This guide can be purchased from different sources like an online stores or a conventional book store. Some of the online stores where the book is available are:

Other Study Guides

Apart from the study guide from the ATI, there are other good study guides for TEAS preparation. Some of them are:

  • Cracking the Nursing School Entrance Exams (Graduate School Test Preparation)- Princeton Review

    All the topics on the TEAS are covered in this book. In this study guide, numerous practice problems are provided along with useful exam taking tips. The book also offers ways by which you could maximize your preparation. Online full-length practice tests are available online and this book provides access to them. The book is priced at $13.59.

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nursing Entrance Exams-NP-C, MSN, RN, Maryanne Baudo , Robin Kavanagh

  • This book is a straightforward guide to TEAS preparation. All the subject areas are covered in this book and sample questions are included in each chapter of the book. Also, there are two full-fledged practice tests which prove to be very useful during the TEAS test.


Many students have succeeded by using the official manual alone as a preparatory material. The study guide is very useful as it is directly from the administrators. There are a few other books from the ATI but this is the best one for the version V of the test. It is your choice to purchase other study guides for preparation. When you buy other books, you would get the advantage of practicing for the TEAS with more questions. However, it is best that you purchase this book and make the fullest use of this book to attain a high score.