Myths About TEAS Testing Procedures

3 Myths about TEAS

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a comprehensive assessment, developed and organized by The Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). In fact, this test is popularly addressed as the TEAS, thus, setting it apart from the nursing entrance tests of other sources.

Beginner's Information

If this is the first time ever, you are reading about the TEAS, you must be introduced to certain basic facts about the test, which are listed below:

  • Eligibility: Prospective nursing students can take this test as a part of the admission requirements for entry into a nursing school. Other eligibility criteria for test takers need to be checked from the school of nursing where you intend to apply.

  • Versions: There are two versions of the TEAS: Version V and Version 3/4. However, each nursing program has its own requirements from the TEAS, which you must check from your school. However, the most commonly accepted version is the TEAS version V.

  • Formats: The exam is available in two formats; namely, the paper and pencil format and the computerized format. In general, a TEAS test centre offers only one of the two formats of the test. Hence, the format of the test that you will be taking depends on the test centre of your choice.

  • Question Pattern and Types: It is a 4-part, multiple-choice assessment with a total of 170 questions. Reading, Mathematics, Science and English Language and Usage are the four sections of the test. These sections get a share of 48 questions, 34 questions, 54 questions and 34 questions in the above-mentioned order.

  • Duration: The total duration of the test is 209 minutes, out of which 58 minutes are allotted for the Reading section, 51 minutes for Mathematics, 66 minutes for Science and 34 minutes for English.

  • Scoring and Reporting: There is no minimum or passing score for the test. The test scores are reported as four composite scores, one for each test area. Apart from the composite scores, sixteen sub-scores for individual sub-areas of the test are also provided. Usually, when you take the test in your nursing school, the scores are directly reported to your school. If the test is taken in another school, you might have to either submit a transcript to your school or request ATI to report the scores to your school. Again, the reporting procedure needs to be checked with individual schools.

 Myth #1: Test Questions are Framed from Nursing Course Syllabus:

As mentioned earlier, the test questions come from your high-school courses of Science, Mathematics and English only. It intends to test your basic academic skills to get into nursing courses and not your knowledge on advanced nursing courses.

Test Registration

The test registration process is what you need to know, next. It involves the following steps:

  • ATI Registration: As a mandatory step, all test takers need to register for free with the ATI system to procure a unique user name and password. This should be done through the official website (

  • TEAS Test Registration: The TEAS registration can either be done through ATI or through your test center for a certain test fee. This is when you will have to choose your test date, timings and location.

Myth #2: Test Registration Can be Done Only Through ATI:

Registration for this exam can be done through ATI only for a few selected test centers. However, registration with all other test centers can be done by directly contacting the test site through phone or email.

Test Preparation

A revision of your high-school courses is what you need to do for a good test preparation. Standard books are available which will help you in preparing for the test. The most popular study material for TEAS  include the official manual, McGraw-Hill's prep books, Barron's prep books and Mometrix prep books.

Myth #3: It is Hard to Crack the TEAS Test Version V:

A few students who gave both the versions of the test found the version V test harder than the other. However, there are yet others who have been successful with the version V test, as well. Hence, you must remember that your test scores depend upon the hard work and effort you put into the test preparation.

The best source to get all your doubts about the test cleared is ATI ( You can follow this link to get to the FAQs page of ATI: Homepage - Solutions - Pre-Nursing School. Also, any additional information on the test can be obtained at the TEAS test centers through telephone or email.