Selection of TEAS Testing Dates

Significance of Selecting Suitable TEAS Dates

The TEAS allows the students to continue their studies in adult nursing programs in order to pursue their career in the field of nursing. This exam is administered by ATI and assesses the potential of those students who are suitable for nursing programs. However, the scores of the test is also used by the educators for determining as to why some applicants are unable to obtain the scores that are required for nursing programs and the remedial steps that should be taken in this regard.

As far as taking the test is concerned concerned, the following points offer a glimpse about the choice of dates:

  • The selection of dates are closely related to the registration procedure as the dates are allotted only after the completion of this process.

  • The students can opt for online registration at or call on this number (800) 667-7531. For online registration, the students are not allowed to change the dates that are allotted to them. Therefore, if a student is unable to take the test on a specific schedule, that have to register for this test again.

  • The dates of this test are not similar for all the colleges that offer nursing programs and the students need to check the website of those colleges that conduct this test for enabling the students to take admission in their nursing programs.

Why is it important to choose appropriate testing dates for taking this exam? Let us find out from the points that are mentioned below:

  • Choosing suitable dates allow the students to prepare for the TEAS properly as they get sufficient time to study for this exam.

  • Those students who have decided to take the test should choose their dates according to priority or reschedule them if they are not confident about taking the test on a particular day. In order to do this, the students must inform the Testing Office prior to the date.

  • The students need to understand the basic objectives of the test before starting with the procedure of registration. Thus, they should be left with enough time to focus on preparation for TEAS test and reviewing their performances regularly in order to achieve the desired scores.

  • Taking practice tests regularly is important for knowing the type of questions that are asked in this test and maximizing the number of tests allow the students to feel confident on the day of the exam. Therefore, the day of the exam should be chosen in such a manner so that the students are able to crack it during the first attempt itself.

  • Choosing suitable test dates allow the students to work on their strengths and weaknesses properly until perfection is achieved by them.

  • The dates should also be selected according to the location from where the test is being taken by them. This is particularly true about those students who are located at a distance from the test center and require more time to reach the venue of the test.

The choice of testing schedule depend on the time of commencement of the nursing programs. Thus, if an applicant wishes to study in a specific college, it is necessary to register for the test within the designated time in order to get the required dates. Besides this, the applicants should also have enough time to prepare for the test and take a number of mock tests before the actual test day. This test provides an excellent opportunity to the educators for choosing the best brains suitable for taking admission in the nursing programs. Therefore, the participants of TEAS should choose the dates carefully in order emerge successful in this test and fulfill their career goals.