Official TEAS Study Guides

Official Reference Materials for ATI TEAS

The Test of Essential Academic Skills, TEAS is administered by ATI to evaluate a student's abilities in becoming a successful nurse. This test opens the gates to allied healthcare science programs offered by the top-listed schools across USA. However, one needs to score really well to get the admission and achieve his/her goal.

To excel here, a candidate has to be well prepared and dot on target from the start. This assessment exam forms the decision-making tool for the schools to gauge the candidature of a student and to understand his/her ability to take-up the course of study and profession. It is highly advisable that you should dedicate a galore amount of time to your preparations.

Basic Details of the Test

TEAS is a content-driven test with 170 multiple-choice questions with four options each to choose from. The area of subjects covered in this test is Math, Science, Reading and English & language usage skills

The Official Sources for TEAS Preparation

The key tool to your preparations for the TEAS is the official test website, which offers a pool of resources and provides a multitude of paid resources to facilitate your preparations, namely;

  • Learning Strategies- Your guide to classroom and test-taking success, a comprehensive book with tips and strategies, this study guide serves as a good refresher for the test takers. This is a research-based book specially designed to improve your academic performance and prepare you for the classroom study. The book begins with a continuous chain of self-assessment progressive notes & question papers and ends with mind-boggling strategies that will surely be a great aid for your preparations.

  • TEAS V Online Practice Assessment Forms A and B- These are the online assessment forms for practice purposes that are provided by ATI to ensure a healthy preparation for the test takers. Each form is designed to give you the precise feel & structure of the TEAS with 150 practice questions each. You also receive a scorecard instantly once you complete each assessment form. These help you to know your strengths and weaknesses in any particular section and thereby form a scope of improvement.

  • The TEAS V Study Manual- This manual gives a complete and clear picture of the test, content, format and is the base tool to address every objective of the TEAS exam. It covers all the areas of the test. Each of the guides brings along two additional practice paper-pencil tests with rationales.

  • TEAS V Study Package- This package is an ideal deal as you get a combo of TEAS V online practice assessment forms and study manual at a discounted price. It is conceptualized and created in accordance to the test from the student's point of view, thereby, it helps you with better preparatory methods, tips and strategies. This package also gives you a hands-on experience of the exam with mock practice assessment forms. It is an available resource to every aspiring student with a vision to succeed in TEAS.

Click the online store option ( of the official test website to find all the resources made available by ATI. However, to get maximum benefit and make the most of the available official resources, it is always advisable to have the TEAS V study package as it serves as a good study material.

Other than the official test website, there are many websites that can help you in your preparations. You will find practice test papers and various study tools which may be paid or for free use, depending on the website. However, remember to follow the official test website as it will keep you updated with every single bit of information.

Other Sources of Test Preparation

Use of flashcards for your preparation is one great budget friendly option. It not only helps in memorizing the facts easily but also is a very effective method of completing your study. Flashcards form a comprehensive pre-made study tool for the test. Books like:

  • Books of McGraw-Hill's nursing school entrance exams, and
  • Book of Kaplan nursing school entrance exams,

are well worth to study and are high in information. They are available along with practice test papers and rationales to help you in knowing your standing.

You will find a multitude of websites offering study materials and practice test papers pertaining to the individual sections of your test. It is an easy way to get acquainted with the test format and questions; however, your base study tool. The books from the official website should always be followed.

Lastly, the preparation time for the TEAS varies to a great extent and entirely depends on the students mastering in their subject knowledge. You might want to dedicate more amount of time for your study if you are not out of your high school recently. This will help you in being afresh with the subjects. The more progressive and competitive you are, the higher become your chances to excel in TEAS.