Books for Comprehensive Preparation for the TEAS

ATI TEAS Book for Comprehensive Preparation

If you are preparing for the TEAS, here are three book titles reviewed for you. With plenty of resources available for test preparation, it may not be an easy decision to filter and choose the best ones. Read on and see if these reviews help you in the task...

TEAS Review Manual, Vers. V (5) (ATI, Study Manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) - A Review

Published by ATI, the test developing company itself, this review manual is considered one of the most authentic and reliable materials for the test preparation. This is also one of the most comprehensive review books around today. The most important features of this book may be summarized as follows:

  • The title offers quite an extensive review for all the test subjects. Review materials are included for all the three core test areas like English, Mathematics, and Science.
  • Practice questions covering all the test areas are also included in this prep book, along with very detailed explanations for each question.
  • The detailed answer keys add to the usability of the book, as you not only get the correct answer to each question, but also understand why and how the answer is arrived at.
  • In addition, this title is quite competitively priced. It can be bought locally or from the ATI online store (

However, it can be said that with some great tips and tricks for taking the test also included, the book would have fared still better in the market of aspiring TEAS test takers.

TEAS Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS Test Comprehensive Study Guide - A Review

This is yet another guide providing a comprehensive review for the test. This title from ATS Medical Publications is updated for year 2013 and reflects the current changes in the exam pattern/content.

  • It includes instructions on all sections covered in TEAS V, including Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Vocabulary, Grammar and language usage, Basic math skills, Algebra, Calculations, and the like.
  • The test prep content is based on official TEAS V test requirements.
  • Though the book includes information on all the tested areas, care is taken to not include any unwanted details, but to focus only on the test-relevant aspects.
  • The book is written by a group of experienced and expert authors.
  • The book is available at a competitive price, and can be purchased locally or online (

Pass the TEAS V: Complete TEAS 5 Study Guide with Practice Test Questions [Paperback] - A Review

This popular book is considered a very comprehensive review material that test takers cannot afford to miss. This title is published by Complete Test Preparation Team. The important features of this study guide are:

  • It is a guide providing you with only the required content sections for TEAS success. No frills and no fillers included.
  • All sections are focused to provide you the right guidance. Review materials and tutorials include all core areas of the test like English, Science and Mathematics.
  • Two complete practice question sets with more than 500 questions are included in this title.
  • The presentation of the content matter in this book is said to help you learn faster and achieve your goals better.
  • It includes tips and tricks from experts, for practicing as well taking the test.
  • The book is available at a very good price when compared against its counterparts.
  • You may purchase it from local bookstalls or online from any of the popular web stores.

With its wide coverage of all prep areas - review content, practice questions, and strategies - this can rightly be called a very comprehensive title for TEAS preparation.

This list of study guides is not all-inclusive. However, it has definitely tried reviewing some of the most popular prep titles available today. You may find this review useful and may include any of these titles in your prep program for TEAS. However, it should always be noted that while preparing, you must first understand your requirements better and then choose the prep materials. As each individual may have his/her own specific strengths, weaknesses, and needs, this would be the best approach for any test preparation including the TEAS V.