Where Can I Take SAT Test

Options For SAT Test Centers

Where can I take SAT test? If this is the question bothering you then you are not alone. Many SAT aspirants are often caught in a dilemma when deciding on choosing a test center for the SAT test. Due to personal reasons or otherwise, some may find it difficult to decide upon a test center. However, the SAT Program and College Board offer you several options for test centers.

  • The Golden Rule:

    Where can I take SAT test? The Golden Rule when choosing a SAT test center is to select the center closest to your home. Not only would this avoid the unnecessary stress of travelling on the day of the test, you would be also be saving on your energy and time. Additionally, it could be that you already know the place well and hence the chances of getting lost on the way to it are minimal. Familiarity with the location of the test centre will help you relax before the test.

  • When the Nearest Center is not an Option:

    Where can I take SAT test if the nearest center is not an appropriate option due personal reasons? You may simply not want to take the test at the center closest to home. It could be due to problems in the area or other compelling reasons. There have been cases where applicants did not want to take the test in the test center closest to home due to law and order problems. If you are in such a situation where you do not feel comfortable to write the test in the center closest to your home, do not worry. It is not mandatory to take the SAT test at the nearest test center if you do not want to.

  • Unavailable Test Centers:

    Where can I take the SAT test if the nearest center is unavailable? It is possible that the test is not available on the date that you set for yourself in the nearest test center. It may so happen that the test center is not available when you register as it may already be filled to capacity. There is not a lot that you can do in such cases except choose the next test center that suits you best or change the date.

  • Ask your Guidance Counselor:

    Where can I take SAT test if my school also conducts the SAT but is not on the SAT Test Center list? Some schools conduct the SAT in order to ease the process of college admission for their students. This is an initiative from College Board called SAT School Day. You might want to talk to your career counselor or guidance counselor to know if your school has plans to conduct the SAT exclusively for its students. It is recommended that you opt to take the SAT in your school rather than at an unfamiliar place.

  • Standby Test Centers:

    Where can I take SAT test if I am past the registration deadline? By default all test centers are authorized to conduct standby testing in the US. In case you haven't been able to register you may still be able to take the test. However, it is advisable that you do not bank on standby testing as there is no guarantee whether the center has any extra resource left to accommodate you. For standby testing, there is no way for you to call and book a seat for yourself. You have to report to the test center early by at least an hour before the SAT test starts. It is important to choose the test center wisely and carefully as it could make a huge impact on your SAT score. It is advisable that you take some time out to visit the test center beforehand so as to avoid surprises in the last minute. It is best to choose a test center where you know you will be comfortable to take the SAT test.

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