When to Take SAT Test

How to Decide When to Take the SAT

SAT is administered by the College Board in various test locations all across the world. There are many students who come across the doubt of when to take SAT test. SAT is administered six times worldwide and seven times in the USA. Depending upon your schedule, it is up to you to decide when to take the SAT test.

SAT Administration

SAT test dates usually fall in the months of October, November, December, January, March (or April, in the alternating years), May and June in the USA. In all the other testing locations across the world, the SAT is not administered on the date that falls in the month of March (or April, in the alternating years). So, you will have to decide when to take the SAT test and then register for the test accordingly on the date on which you wish to take the test.

How to Decide When to Take the Test?

Deciding when to take the SAT test is a very important aspect. Your decision of when to take the SAT test plays an important role in the whole process of your SAT examination. Some students start their SAT preparation only after they decide when to take the SAT test. Consider the following points before you decide when to take the SAT test.

  • Your convenience. Choose the SAT test date according to your convenience. Make sure that on the test date of your choice, the test centre that is closest to you is also available. Because, not all the test centers may be available on all the SAT test dates.
  • Allow considerable time for your preparation. Before choosing the test date, allow yourself sufficient time for SAT preparation. If you are thorough and have to just revise, then a period of 2-3 months would be sufficient. But, if you are planning to start your preparation only after registering for your test, then you must plan to leave a bit more than 6 months for a thorough preparation. So, it is advised that you better plan for the SAT test right from the junior year of your high school. You may give it a try in the junior year but if you are not satisfied with the score, you can then take it again. But, taking the SAT in the senior year would be your last time. Hence, it’s better that you crack it at least by then.

SAT Test Dates and Centers

SAT 2011-2012 is the ongoing SAT test. The SAT is being administered for the academic year for the following dates that fall in the respective months mentioned above.

SAT Test Date Test Administered Registration Date Deadline Late Registration Closes (By Phone or by Mail)
Oct 1, 2011 SAT and Subject Tests Sept 9, 2011 Sept 21, 2011
Nov 5, 2011 SAT and Subject Tests Oct 7, 2011 Oct 21, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 SAT and Subject Tests Nov 8, 2011 Nov 20, 2011
Jan 28, 2012 SAT and Subject Tests Dec 30, 2011 Jan 13, 2012
March 10, 2012 SAT Reasoning Test (only in USA) Feb 10, 2012 Feb 24, 2012
May 5, 2012 SAT and Subject Tests April 6, 2012 April 20, 2012
June 2, 2012 SAT and Subject Tests May 8, 2012 May 22, 2012

The above mentioned are the test dates for the ongoing SAT. SAT is administered worldwide and you can take the test wherever you want to depending upon the availability. You can find all the test centers that would be available to you from the official website of the SAT. “Student Code Search” is a feature by which you can get the required test centre information. You can visit the following link to find the test centers.


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