What is SAT Test

To undertake a test without understanding it is the same as attempting the test halfheartedly. Thus, it is very important to have clarity about what SAT test is. The test can be taken in a focused manner only after understanding all the aspects concerned with the test. The question What is SAT test? can be understood better by understanding the following aspects.


To appear in SAT one needs to register for it in time. Registration for SAT can be done either online, by visiting the official web site, or through mail. For online registration the payment can be done through a credit card. On the other hand, if the registration is done through mails, the payment can be made through cheque, money order or a credit card.

SAT test registration is an important part of taking the test and it should not be ignored. Timely registration is always helpful since the hassle of last-minute registration is saved. Moreover, any last minute rushes of registration disturb your preparation in the last days. Thus, you are not able to concentrate in those crucial days, and remain tensed instead. Timely registration also sets the mood of preparation and helps in keeping the student focused. That is why it is advised to avoid late registration.


All the preparation for the test is required only to gain a good score in SAT. Thus, the answer to the question What is SAT test?is incomplete without understanding what is SAT test score?

Each section of SAT test is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. Apart from this you get two sub scores: the essay writing is scored on a scale of 2 to 12 and multiple choice writing questions receive a score between 20 and 80. Along with this score a percentile is also received, which is an indication of the number of test takers who have scored lesser than you.

The maximum score that is possible in SAT is 2400. An average score in SAT is about 1500. However, one might wonder how much a good score in SAT is considered to be. A score of about 1800 is considered competitive enough in SAT, and if a student can manage to get about 1950 or above, he is sure to get admission in any college of his choice.

The SAT score can be received by mail, on the phone or through online facility. This score report is also sent to the colleges chosen by you at the time of registering. The SAT score can be sent to other colleges also for an additional fee.


There are a number of methods to prepare for SAT. The students can choose the one that suits them best.

1. Online Preparation Method This method of preparation for SAT is one of the most recent and easy methods. The SAT web sites offer all the knowledge required to understand what SAT test is. The web sites offer practice tests, sample questions and study material for all the sections of the test. Web sites like the official web site, www.collegeboard.com are very helpful and clarify everything that is required to understand what the SAT test is all about.

2. Coaching Classes Coaching classes are very convenient and easily approachable method of preparation. A SAT coaching center in your locality helps to guide you by providing you study materials and conducting regular tests. Coaching classes offer different courses according to the time available for preparation. These courses are conducted in a classroom where students get together to be taught by teachers.

3. Private Tutorials In private tutorials, a student or a small group of students are taught by a tutor. Thus, SAT preparation is facilitated with the help of personal guidance of a tutor who looks into the performance of the student. The tutor checks the student for his mistakes, corrects them and sharpens the skills required for SAT.

4. Software Explaining what is SAT test?- There are a number of SAT preparation software available in the form of CD ROMs that help in SAT preparation. These are easy to understand, contain vast amounts of material and can help in self-study. Thus, they prove to be an answer to the question What is SAT test?

5. SAT Books The most traditional method of self-study is through books. Books are a storehouse of knowledge. Books can also work as a supplement for other methods of preparation.

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