Taking SAT Test

10 Things to Consider When You Plan to Take the SAT

How to take SAT test

Taking SAT test is easy when you are well prepared to tackle the test. The following are some of the important things to consider while taking SAT test:

  • Diagnose your level of preparedness and formulate a plan that is realistic and will work for you. When you make a plan for taking SAT test, be sure to consider all other aspects and allocate time to activities, such as schoolwork, homework, extracurricular activities, and so on. Diagnosing your strengths and weaknesses will help you improve on the focus areas.
  • Register yourself on the official SAT website to receive information, puzzles, tips, and any other important updated information.
  • Familiarize yourself with the test pattern and the format of questions so that you are aware of the types of questions when taking SAT test.
  • Devise and follow tips and strategies for studying topics. For example, try to read a variety of books and articles to increase your vocabulary and to improve your thought processes. Aligning your thoughts will help you to structure your essay, which is a mandatory section intaking SAT test.
  • Use flashcards because they are a good way to study and remember even when you are on the move. Flashcards are available in varied formats, ranging from paper-based formats to being available on iPods.
  • A good way to begin your preparation for taking SAT test is to buy The Official SAT Study Guide: Second Edition. The study guide includes information about the math, critical reading, and writing sections of SAT in addition to specific question type on each section. The guide also includes 10 SAT tests you can use to practice. However, the guide does not include answers or explanations; you can receive free online score reports and you need to access the online tool to obtain the answers and their explanations.
  • Make sure that you practice taking SAT test, a complete practice test, within the actual test timeline intermittently during your preparation phase. This helps you to track your progress and allows you to understand your areas of improvement so that you can work in that direction.
  • The official SAT website includes a Test Day Simulator you can use to get a feel of taking SAT test on the actual day of the test.
  • The official SAT website also includes helpful tools such as the SAT Skills Insight that helps you to judge your skills in the different sections.
  • You can also opt for The Official SAT Online Course that promises 18 interactive lessons, many practice questions, detailed explanations for answers, and personalized score reports.

Test dates

Ideally, you should appear for the SAT test while in school, mostly when your final school exams coincide with the SAT test dates. This is because the concepts would be fresh in your mind and you would be more adept at solving questions. However, you need to check the available dates on the official SAT website for availability of dates and test centers. You also need to check when colleges prefer to receive scores and when admissions begin to schedule your test dates. In case you plan to take the SAT ii test, you need to check that both tests do not coincide on the same day because you will be able to appear for only one test.


You must choose a location that is conveniently located near to you. Sometimes, there may not be a test center available near you for taking SAT test on a specified date. In such cases, you will need to check the next comfortable region for taking SAT test. Also, you can request for a center near you by registering for the test by mail.

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