Take the SAT

When, where and how to take the SAT

SAT is a globally administered entrance examination for securing admissions into various colleges of the USA. High school students take the SAT. The SAT is owned, controlled and organized by the College Board which has its headquarters in the USA. The SAT was first called the Scholastic Aptitude Test and later it was called Scholastic Assessment test.

When to Take the SAT?

The SAT is administered worldwide. It is administered seven times a year in the USA and 6 times a year in all the other countries. SAT is offered in the months of October, November, December, January, March or April (in alternating years), May and June. Usually in the months of November, December, May, and June, SAT is administered on the first Saturday. In all the other countries, SAT is administered in all the months as mentioned except for the first spring test date which falls in the month of March or April.

How to Take the SAT?

The SAT is purely a paper based test. The SAT is developed so as to satisfy the internationally accepted educational standards. You must put in great deal of effort to score high in the SAT. You have to take the SAT only after planning way ahead. Following are some important points that you will have to consider if you are planning to take the SAT.

  • Leave ample time for preparation before the choice of your test date.
  • Furthermore, by confirming the test date, you can focus more on your preparation because an important phase of the examination (registration) has been secured.
  • Plan in the best possible way that can help you achieve a high score.
  • You must be aware of the score-use practices of the institutions you wish to join.
  • So, if you are weak in one section and strong in the other, depending upon the score-use practices of the colleges, you can strategically improve your preparation because there are some colleges that accept only the sectional scores.
  • Practice a lot. Consistently revise all the concepts that you feel are crucial for you. Carefully read all the instructions that you need to follow while you take the test.

Test Center, Registration and Test Date Details

The College Board provides an easy and accurate method of locating a convenient test center with a feature called the Student Code Search. There are over a thousand international testing centers for students residing outside US who wish to take the SAT. All these test centers have been listed in the student area of the official website of the SAT. You can view the nearest test center available for you at the link: www.sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-code-search.

Moreover, there is an international publication The SAT Codelist, International Edition in which you can find the list of all the international test centers for taking the SAT. Also, test takers who are more than 121 km away from the nearest available test centre can request for a test center closer to their home to take the SAT.

Registration to take the SAT can be made online or by mail or by phone by the students who take the SAT in the US. For international students, to take the SAT, they must register online or by mail or through an international SAT representative. You can find more details about registration at the links:



The test dates for the academic year 2011-12 have been released by the College Board. You can find all the test date details at the link:


Follow all the links to know much more about the details regarding the SAT and start your preparation for the SAT.

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