Take the SAT Test Online

10 Important Points about Taking the SAT Test Online

Online vs Paper-Based Test

You can take the SAT test online....that would be great! However, the SAT test is a paper-based test that requires you to fill in your answers on the answer sheet. When preparing for SAT, you can buy prep books that include practice tests you can answer. You can even download and use the practice test from the CollegeBoard website. In addition, there is another method for practicing for the SAT test- the online way. You can take the SAT test online using the websites mentioned in this article. These websites include practice tests with answers so that you can check your scores later. The advantage of taking online tests is that they are accessible from anywhere; you only need an internet connection. Also, you will soon run out of paper-based practice tests but you can search for websites that have practice online tests, which are available in plenty.

The Official SAT Online Course

This course includes many interactive lessons in the subject areas of Math and Verbal Reasoning. It also includes many practice questions that will expose you to the various types of questions. The online course includes sample essays that explain why an essay has received a good score or a bad score. The online course has 10 practice tests that will give you ample practice of the test; this is particularly helpful because it comes from the test makers themselves. When you appear the practice test, you can receive personalized score reports in addition to detailed answer explanations. Your essays are also scored automatically so that you receive scores the way they are assessed during the actual test. The Official SAT Online Course is available at http://store.collegeboard.com/sto/productdetail.do?track=satsite&Itemkey=040901252&affilliateid=searchbanner&bannerid=satcoursepromotop.

10 Important Points about Taking the SAT Test Online

  1. It is best to take the SAT test online after completing your preparation so that you can check your level of preparedness.

  2. When you take the SAT test online, read the instructions carefully. This cannot be stressed enough because this is where most students commit mistakes, which can lead to incorrect calculation of scores.

  3. When you take the SAT test online, allocate time to the test exactly the way you would for the actual test or a paper-based practice test. For example, 3 hours 45 minutes is the stipulated time of the complete test.

  4. When you take the SAT test online, stick to the timeline mentioned in the specific sections of the test. For example, spend only 25 minutes on writing the essay.

  5. When you take the SAT test online, you must be careful about your answer choices because you might not be able to revert and modify your answers. This can also lead to negative scoring for incorrect answers. Remember that you gain a point for every correct response and lose ΒΌ for every incorrect response. An unanswered response gets you a zero.

  6. Some sites that offer free practice online tests require you to copy-paste your raw scores on to the conversion table for a scaled score. Make sure that you save your scores so that you can scale your scores to know your actual scores.

  7. Some practice tests allow you the option to retake the test. Use this carefully and after preparing thoroughly for the test.

  8. You can use a basic calculator when taking the test because calculators are permissible during the actual test. However, make sure that you do not use the advanced functions to help you solve questions.

  9. You can also use a scrap paper for any calculations or special notes during the test.

  10. Avoid the temptation of consulting any books or related material while taking the test. It is important that you adhere to test conditions so that you are aware of your real scores. This will help you prepare further for the test.

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