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How much do you know about SAT?

The colleges in US and US territories value your college-readiness over your grades in high schools. The SAT has become a competitive entrance exam, which the colleges and scholarship programs consider while admitting you in their institutions. You should take SAT test for knowing better about your own stance and your ability to handle higher studies. The course structure in the colleges is much tougher and exhaustive than the course structure you had in your high schools. To get a taste of the seriousness of the college programs, you should take SAT test before you enter the higher stages of your career. The SAT course structure consists of topics, which evaluate your capacity in critical reading, mathematical reasoning and writing skills. You shall score well or bad in these topics, depending on your knowledge and experiences from your educational life.

Do you know about the general facts of SAT?

SAT has been operating for more than eight decades with the objective of connecting students with commendable academic qualifications by the colleges and offers them courses that suit them. Students who take SAT test benefit directly as they become aware of the course difficulty of college. As you want to take SAT test, you should know some basic facts about SAT:


The SAT test is for three hours and forty-five minutes. Try to take SAT test and complete it within this time.


There are ten sections in SAT and each section is individually timed. These sections are:

  • Three sections on Critical Reading (70 minutes total)

    The Critical Reading questions contain a passage-based reading section and sentence-completion section with forty-eight and nineteen questions in them respectively. The passage may involve excerpts from natural science, humanities, social science or literary fiction. The length may range from 100 to a maximum of 850 words. Two passages with similar issues may also be present. Sentence Completion evaluates your knowledge about the meaning of words and your ability to recognize how sentences are connected to each other. This section includes two sections of 25 minutes and one section of 20 minutes.

  • Three sections on Mathematics (70 minutes total)

    The mathematics section consists of two twenty five minute sections and one twenty minute section, which are covered within fifty-four questions. The three sections have about 13 questions on Numbers and operation, 21 questions on Algebra and functions, 16 questions on Geometry and measurement and 7 questions on Data analysis.

  • Three sections on Writing (60 minutes total)

    This section consists of two formats, which evaluate your skills in essay writing, improving paragraphs and sentences, detecting flaws in sentences and organizing paragraphs. The two formats consist of a twenty-five minutes essay and a thirty-five minutes (one 25-minute section and one 10-minute section) section of multiple-choice questions. The SAT essays include a prompt or a short excerpt, which reflects an issue and on which you need to form an opinion.

  • One variable unscored section (25 minutes total) which may test you either on Critical Reading, Mathematics or Witting.

Question types:

If you want to take SAT test you should know about the question types too. Broadly speaking, you will get three types namely:

    Multiple choice questions

    The common type of questions, which is followed by five options. Most of the SAT questions consist of multiple choices.

    Student produced responses (only mathematics)

    One of the three sections of mathematics consists of a student-produced response section. This section consists of ten questions, which have no options. The test takers who take SAT test, have to enter their answer in a grid for this question type. Test takers have to enter the answer in its original form, whether it be whole numbers, fractions or decimals.

    Essay questions:

    The essay section of the SAT Writing consists of one essay writing question and multiple choice questions.

    The essay writing question gives you a prompt followed by an assignment which either supports or opposes the issue. You have to develop your opinion from the assignment and proceed accordingly.

    The multiple-choice questions are based on three different forms, namely:

    • Improving sentences:

      This type of question has a part or the whole of its sentences, underlined, followed by five options, which best rephrases the underlined parts.

    • Identifying sentence errors:

      This type of question contains a sentence with four of its portion underlined corresponding to four options, (A, B, C and D). The student has to identify which of the four is grammatically flawed. There is a fifth option (E) which says ‘no error’.

    • Improving paragraphs:

      The test taker gets a passage, from which he has to answer questions particularly based on the sentence structure or grammar usage in the passage. The test taker might be asked to improve the passage too.

Therefore, here is the general synopsis of the SAT test. If you take SAT test, you have to start early, as it is difficult to prepare for SAT in the last moment. Take help of the SAT prep courses and get a hold of SAT practice papers. Good luck!

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