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SAT was earlier known as Scholastic Assessment Test. But in the new SAT the spellings do not stand for anything. It is a standardized exam which is required to be taken by high school students to get admission in US colleges and universities. SAT is administered by College Board and conducted by ETS. Both of them are non profit organization. Students need to take the SAT as it is one of the many selection criterions which are considered by college authorities while taking a decision about college admissions and scholarships. SAT measures the analyzing and problem solving skills of the students which they acquire in high schools. SAT score by itself is not enough for the admission in college. Colleges also consider your high school grades, your class work in high school and your project work. SAT is a paper based test. You cannot take SAT test online. It is very important to prepare for SAT if you are planning to get admission in a reputed college. There are many preparation courses which help you prepare better to take the SAT and score good marks. You can prepare by taking the SAT test online also as there are many web sites which offer online preparation courses. You can take SAT practice tests online.

SAT: Right Time to Take SAT

It is totally an independent choice of a student when he should take the SAT. But usually it is recommended that a student should try to take the SAT in his junior year of high school. According to most of the college counselors, that is the right time to think about your college career. If you take the SAT in your junior year, then you always have the option of taking the SAT again in your senior year if you are not satisfied with the results. Besides you will be ready for taking the SAT as you would have already completed three years of high school and you will be familiar with the topics. One more thing that plays a role in deciding about the time for a student to take the SAT is their preparations. Student should prefer to take the SAT immediately after completion of their high school and their preparation course as contents of the test, tips and strategies are still fresh in their mind. SAT is conducted seven times in a year. So it can be taken through out the year. You should check from the college of your choice when they want your scores, according to that you can plan to take the SAT. Just make it sure that you take the test early enough to fulfill the requirements of the colleges you are interested in.

Taking SAT: Online Registration

Once you have decided to take the SAT, you should make a planned schedule to take the SAT. You can register for SAT test online on the College Board web site www.collegeboard.com. To register online for SAT test, you have to become a member on the official site. There are options of registering through mails and phone also. But online registration for SAT test is easy and quick. You can choose a test date and test center to take SAT test online. After you logon to your web account, web page will give you directions to complete the registration procedure for SAT test. You get immediate confirmation of registration and you can print your admission ticket also. You have to make the payments through credit card.
There are few limitations for online registration for taking SAT test. Online registration is not available to the students from few countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, and Benin. Also you cannot register online if you are requesting for taking the SAT test on Sunday as SAT test dates fall on Saturdays. You can get all the detailed information related to the registration procedure on the web site.

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