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Step-wise Guide to Take the SAT

If you plan to enter college very soon and the admission process is already giving you nightmares, then its time you started planning to take SAT exam and start the processing required for appearing for SAT. The Scholastic Aptitude Test measures an applicant’s readiness for college and is a representative of the skills acquired when he/she was at school. The SAT score is part of the package analysed by admission committees when considering applicants for entry into their undergraduate programs. The package includes other scores like GPA, school performance, extra-curricular activities and similar things. Nevertheless an applicant should start his preparation at least a year in advance and plan to take SAT exam twice, once for practice and the second time, when he/she finally wants to appear for it, before entering college. But before that, the applicant needs to register for the exam and figure out which test dates suit him best and where he needs to take SAT exam. Following is a step-wise guide to help applicants understand the process to take SAT exam and plan for it in a better way.

How to Register

There are three ways to register for the SAT. An applicant can either do it via mail, or online or via a phone call. Although the phone call option is open only for re-test to those applicants who have already registered earlier. The other two options are easy and require the applicant to either use the internet or go through a postal process for registering for the SAT. For the online process the applicant needs to log on to the official SAT website and sign up for an account and register online. This registration process is faster and is over within a couple of minutes and the applicant also receives his acknowledgement also. The payment for this process is done via a credit card only. Applicants planning to take SAT exam soon can consider this process of registrations as it is very quick. The mail process is a bit longer than the online one and it requires the applicant to approach his/her school so that they provide him/her with the SAT Paper Registration Guide which comes with a registration form and a return envelope for the admission ticket. The payment is done mail bank checks or money orders which would be payable to the College Board. Applicants need to make the necessary payment ($49 if they are appearing from the US and an added extra if they are appearing internationally) before the deadline of every SAT exam registration. Applicants can see these at http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-dates

Test Dates

The SAT exam is administered 7 times a year and applicants need to register well in advance if they want to take SAT exam on their desired date. For 2012, 4 out of 7 SAT test dates are out and these would fall n the months of January, March, May and June, with their registration deadlines closing at least a month in advance. As the dates for every year are so few, applicants make a beeline to take SAT exam in their holidays, so that they can balance out their school work properly. Most junior year applicants take SAT exam in the spring of their junior year for the first time and then appear for it finally in the summer of their senior year at school. Roughly, they still have a few months before they actually head out to college, and this time is precious in case the applicant wishes to take a re-test.

Test Centers

The first thing an applicant planning to take SAT exam does is to select his/her test center. It is a mandatory requirement when he/she register for the exam, whether online or via mail. The centers are denoted with the help of codes assigned to them and which need to be filled in on the form for the registration process. Most likely, students fill in their own school as the test center as it is a convenient option. Applicants also need to fill in an optional/secondary choice of test center in case the seats of their desired test center get filled before their registration is complete. The entire list for the codes of the centers is available at http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-code-search.

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