Syllabus for SAT Exam

What Should You Study For The Different Sections Of SAT?

The SAT assesses your readiness to be enrolled for undergraduate programs and tests your skills in subjects learnt in high school. The SAT, basically tests your concepts in mathematics and tests your abilities in reading and writing. The contents required to be studied or the SAT syllabus is aligned to the syllabus taught in high school. This is done so as to encourage more students to take the SAT and prepare successfully for college education.

The Syllabus for Critical Reading

The critical reading section comprises of 48 reading comprehension questions on long and short passages, and 19 sentence completion questions where you have to either complete the sentence or correct it. The syllabus for reading section contains:

  • Reading and understanding passages: As the section concentrates on your comprehension skills, it is important that you learn to read the short and long passages strategically focusing on the facts.
  • Improving on SAT vocabulary: A good vocabulary becomes an asset when taking the SAT. However, there can be no limit to the words that you can learn. That said, there are certain words that appear on the test. Most vocabulary lists include the SAT words in their list. It is important that you learn the SAT words but do not limit yourself to just them. Learn new words by reading newspapers, journals etc and improve your vocabulary.

The Syllabus for Mathematics

The SAT tests concepts of basic mathematics, geometry and a few concepts from advanced algebra. The syllabus for mathematics includes but is not limited to:

  • Basic Mathematics
    • Number Properties
    • Roots and Exponents
    • Ratio and proportions
    • Fractions
    • Sets
    • Percents
  • Algebra
    • Inequalities
    • Simultaneous Equations
    • Radical and Exponentials
    • Functions
  • Geometry
    • Coordinate geometry
    • Functions and graphs

For the mathematics section, you will need to review the concepts thoroughly and complete it with lots of practice. Make a note of the time when solving mathematics problems and try to improve on it. The faster you can solve problems, the better are your chances at a high score. There are many books available that can help you to practice the mathematics portion of SAT exam.

The Syllabus for Writing

The Writing section consists of multiple choice questions on grammar, word usage, etc and an essay.

  • Essay Writing: The essay required to be written cannot be defined by the SAT curriculum. It is also not graded by a computer or a machine but by two examiners who each give a score between 0-6. However, there is limited time, of only 25 minutes, to put across your point of view. Thus, it is advisable that you do not pen down whatever comes to your mind. Instead, you should try to put across your arguments in a clear and concise manner.
  • Grammar Practice: The writing section also tests your knowledge and understanding of words and their usage. The main questions that you may encounter in the writing section are:
    • Finding errors in sentences
    • Improving or correcting sentences
    • Improving or correcting paragraphs

Test Strategies are Important!

With SAT, it is important that you understand the concepts and know how to apply them. It is difficult to fix the portion for SAT to a few particular topics. However, the questions asked in the test have a fixed format. While knowledge of the test content is imperative for success, you must also learn certain test strategies. Test strategies allow you to arrive at the answer correctly and quickly. Therefore, knowledge and learning of the content along with the test strategies can help you ace the SAT and attain the score you want.