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Internet – The Best Guide for SAT Study

For SAT aspirants, one major cause of concern is to find the most effective ways to study for SAT. In fact, with an array of online prep courses, books and SAT test tutoring that are available studying for the SAT test seems complicated at times. It is very difficult to measure which method of studying is best as each student has a different approach to learning. As far as studying for the SAT test is concerned, the students should therefore begin carefully instead of just investing on too many courses or books unnecessarily. The online courses for SAT preparation have become popular now because the students can control their pace of learning. In this article we will review different methods of studying for the SAT test and also discuss the features of online prep courses for SAT.

Significance of Internet in the Preparations for SAT

Online prep courses for SAT are useful for those students who prefer flexibility while learning, but it also requires an aptitude for self studying. Online courses are more convenient to those who are unable to get much time to study due to their busy schedule. Another reason for the benefit of online programs is that, it allows the students to have access to SAT preparations 24*7 unlike the other methods of studying. Let us find out about some of the internet study guides for SAT:

  • The most reliable and trusted name for online prep courses is one that has been designed by the test makers, the College Board. The Official Online SAT Course by College Board offers the most useful resources in studying for the SAT test. The course comprises of interactive lessons along with ten practice tests and over 600 practice questions. Beside this, through the online course, the students also get access to the auto essay scoring system and explanations for the practice questions. There are several activities that feature in this course and help to prevent boredom during learning. The practice tests and questions offered by College Board are most precise and authentic. The practice tests are extremely useful because they help the students to determine their level of skills and acquaint them with the nature of the SAT test.
  • The Princeton Review is another name in SAT preparation that has been offering satisfactory prep lessons in SAT for many years. They offer general online courses that contain interactive lessons ranging from 20 – 30 hours along with four full length practice tests. The SAT Live Online course offers an ambience similar to classroom with an added advantage of online setting. In this course, the students also get access to 18 hour training by experts in a leading edge online classroom. However, the prices vary because of various locations.
  • Classroom Anywhere by Kaplan is one of the most effective online programs available for the SAT aspirants with a live online classroom. In this online program that is offered by Kaplan, the students gather during a particular time through a computer with internet connection. The teacher can be seen on the screen of the computer and the students can interact with the teacher and the fellow students through online chat. This course is suitable for those who are not entirely comfortable with independent studying but desire the flexibility of online programs. Similarly, SAT On Demand by Kaplan is another online prep course for SAT that allows the students to understand the techniques of taking SAT with over 1000 practice tests.

It is clear therefore that online SAT programs are more efficient and interesting than other modes of studying for the SAT test. For Mathematics for instance, there is nothing more useful than constant practice and there are plenty of practice tests that are available in the online courses. Similarly, grammar and vocabulary is easier to learn through the practice tests rather than just reading the books.

Books for SAT Test

There are some students who are more comfortable with the conventional method of studying for the SAT test with prep books. On the other hand, it is true that books are necessary for studying for the SAT subject tests particularly subjects like History that requires intensive reading. Here is a list of books that can be used by the students for the preparation of SAT tests:

  • The Official SAT Study Guide (2nd Edition): This one comes straight from College Board and features the ten full length practice tests that also features the official practice tests of SAT. The book contains all the recent information and updates that help the students to prepare for the test day.
  • The SAT Critical Reading Workbook, Writing Workbook and Math Workbook by Kaplan help the students to have better preparations for vocabulary, reading passages and mathematics respectively.
  • With books like Cracking the SAT (2012 Edition) by Princeton Review that contains five full length SAT tests and good stock of vocabulary, the students will surely realize the benefits on the day of the test. There are several other books, DVD and Flash cards by Princeton Review that can be used by the students for the preparations for SAT.

Other Methods of Studying for SAT

Beside the methods discussed above that are used in studying for the SAT test there are SAT tutoring programs that are offered by Princeton Review or other sources. These programs can be availed by those students who are present on the location where the courses are taught. This program is suitable for the students who prefer personal interaction with their teachers or experts. While these programs are expensive, classroom sessions are cheaper and allow the students to have interactive mode of studying in a normal classroom. Self studying for SAT is possible for those students who are determined and disciplined. They are also favourable for students who are confident about preparing questions on their own with little help from books. Although, there are several modes of studying for the SAT test, the students must select the programs carefully so that they are able to make the most out of these prep courses.

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