Studying for SAT test

3 Months for SAT Prep - An Ideal Plan

If you are going to take the SAT and are planning for test preparation then you should go for the following steps as suggested by the official SAT test website:

  • Take a SAT assessment test to assess your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to decide the duration of your study.
  • Take practice tests to overcome weaknesses spotted in the assessment test. The difference between the scores achieved and the scores targeted decides which test preparation plan is to be chosen and worked upon.

Here is a sample 3 months study plan that will guide you through the SAT test preparation period.

1st Month

Visit the official website of SAT ( and register yourself for the ‘My College Quickstart’ program. This program offers

  • hundreds of practice questions to study for SAT test
  • practice test scores
  • evaluation of questions which are incorrect and explanations for wrong answers

Besides, the website helps students get acquainted with actual test questions and thus, gives an idea of how to prepare for the test accordingly.

2nd Month

Spend time in looking for tips to handle the major sections of SAT exam. The exam comprises three major test sections: Critical Reading, Math and Writing sections. During the 2nd month of your study plan, you should practice solving questions quickly by learning various tips to handle difficult questions of these test sections. You can avail more information from the links listed below:

3rd Month

Access free full-length practice sets available for SAT aspirants

You can access your strengths and weaknesses by taking full-length practice tests both online and in print. Such tests are easily available in study guides and on the internet.

Avail the official SAT online course

This course offers a quick and an effective way of preparing for the SAT test. You can access 18 interactive lessons that include content reviews related to the basic concepts of major test sections of SAT exam, and sample questions and strategies to handle difficult questions. Besides, you can avail 10 full-length online practice sets and the facility of automated essay scoring is also available.

Refer to The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd Edition:

This guide consists of 10 full-length practice tests along with three recently administered actual tests, more than twenty chapters related to the reviews of important chapters from major sections of SAT exam for test preparation, detailed explanation of answers and tips to solve difficult questions.

3 Months for SAT Test Prep - An Ideal Test Prep Plan

Mentioned below are the details that provide adequate testimony to prove 3 months for SAT test as an ideal test preparation plan.

Advantages of a 3 Months Test Prep Plan

One cannot overlook the importance of a 3 months test study plan for gearing up for SAT, as it is ideal for both students i.e. for those who are planning to take the test for the first time and for those who have already taken the test once and are planning to take it again to improve their scores.

A shorter  plan usually works out well for those students who have already taken the test once and are planning to take it for the next time to improve their scores. Besides, the test preparation plan for more than 3 months is good for those aspirants who are appearing for the test for the first time. This plan provides ample time for thorough review of all topics from the major test sections of SAT exam followed by practice tests for every topic.