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SAT is an entrance test administered by the College Board. This test is mandatory for securing admissions into various colleges and universities in the USA. It is attempted by many a high school students from all across the world. Due to its wide scope, you will have to face stiff competition. To score high, you will have to study for SAT test with great effort. The College Board runs a SAT official website which consists of all the information regarding the SAT. A student can register for both the SAT Reasoning Test as well as the SAT Subject Tests right from the official website itself. Also, you can get many other preparation tips and study materials as well for making your preparation for SAT better.

How to Study for SAT?

The process of your study for SAT test must be characterized with extreme dedication and relentless practice. You must start your study for SAT test at least from the mid of your high school junior year because, most of the SAT topics that you come across will be based upon the syllabus of your high school studies, both senior and junior year. Most of the students who study for SAT test dwell in the misconception that SAT is a tough exam that can be cracked only with a plan and strategy which they don’t have. But, SAT is an exam that just covers the entire syllabus that you will have learnt by the end of your senior year. So, since you take SAT right before the completion of your senior year, there would be some topics which you might feel are tougher. The main difference between the common tests that you take in your high school and the SAT is that SAT asks you questions that are more twisted to test your IQ levels. While you study for SAT test, if you can put in effort to sharpen your skills in just making yourself able to solve the questions with an extra twist easily, then you will have more chance of scoring high in the SAT. The following are some tips to improve your process of study for SAT test.

  • For any competitive exam which is usually time bound, all you need to better perform is practice.
  • SAT is not about solving the entire paper but is all about solving the paper within the allotted time frame. Hence, you must focus more on attempting the questions within the allotted time. This has to be nurtured from the day on which your start your study for SAT test.
  • Moreover, SAT has negative marking. Hence, you must solve a question within the allotted time frame accurately.

The Official SAT Website

You can visit the official SAT website from the following link:

The official SAT website is a one stop resource for all your SAT related information needs. You can know all about the test content, the sections involved in the SAT, the test dates and centers. You can even register for SAT by signing up with the College Board. The following are some other benefits that you get from the official College Board SAT website.

  • You can view your scores online once you take an exam availing the ‘My Score Report’ service.
  • You can view and manage the list of colleges that you wish to apply for.

Using Official Prep Sources for SAT Preparation

  • The official prep sources not only help you to know about SAT but also provide you with study materials and tips to gain that extra edge required to make your study for SAT test still better.
  •;jsessionid=pspNTdYRbpy0yp2X3Jl6PvgmT52LDbnTg8Jd7LLcsvVdJCX54PD1!-952475452!-358565544. Follow this link to know about all the practice assistance that you would get from the official prep sources.
  • You can get free sample questions, question of the day, and a free practice test.
  • You can also purchase The Official SAT Study Guide for US $21.99 and the The Official SAT Online Course for US $69.95.
  • Furthermore, there are many other articles and tips provided for your benefit at the official SAT website.

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