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After months of hard work and long hours of studies, the day of SAT examination is the most important day for the students. It is on this day that all their hard work will be put to practice and the anxieties that they have harboured for months will finally come to an end. To signup SAT test is one of the most important factors for every student who is trying to obtain admission in the colleges of United States. Moreover, there are several kinds of apprehensions about the SAT tests until the arrival of the day of the examination. There are certain procedures or checklists that the students should keep in mind before appearing for this examination. For instance, there are a few checklists to signup SAT test that is described in the official website such as the things that the students should carry or abstain from carrying on the day of the examination.

The start up for SAT

The students should initially try to acquire all information about SAT from the official website e.g. the procedures that they are supposed to carry out for taking the tests and the locations from where they can appear for the test. The students must also know about the charges and the process of registration particularly about the deadlines for the completion of the registration procedure. In addition to this, they should also try to find out the scores that would be required to secure admission in the colleges of their choice and the best time for taking SAT. The best ways to acquire authentic information about the procedures to signup SAT test is to visit the official website In short, to sign up SAT test the students should complete the following procedures:

  • They should decide the dates on which they are willing to take the tests e.g. January 28, 2012 is a day on which the SAT tests are supposed to be held.
  • Thereafter, the students should register for the tests and for that they should be familiar with the College Board codes. The registration process for the US studentsshould be completed by December 30, 2011 for the tests to be held on January 28, 2012. The deadlines for late registration for the US studentsexpire on January 13, 2012.
  • Those students who are registering online will get a confirmation about their test centre and location almost immediately.
  • For the international students, there are slight differences to sign up SAT test such as the dates of registration. For instance, those students who are supposed to take the SAT test on January 28, 2012should register by December 20, 2011 (through a representative). On the other hand, the regular registration process should be completed by December 30, 2011(online or mail).

The checklist for the day of the Examination

The students must carry the printed admission ticket to the test centre along with several other things such as pencils and eraser and a genuine photo identity. Those students who belong to India, Nepal, Ghana, Nigeria and Pakistan should also carry their passport. There are a whole lot of things that the students are allowed to carry and particular attention must be given to the guidelines for the type of calculator that should be used in the examination hall. For instance, the students are allowed to use Graphing and Scientific Calculators but it is better to refer to the official website for strategies and guiding principles for the usage of calculator. The students are absolutely debarred from carrying and using things like camera, iPod, scribbling pads, dictionary or any kind of notebook inside the test centre. It is good for the SAT aspirants to remember about the requirements to signup SAT test in order to avoid hassles on the big day.

Other requirements for SAT test

There are some general preparations to signup SAT test such as remembering the guidelines for increasing the possibilities of getting good scores. The preparatory materials that the students are using carry much significance along with the essays that are to be written for the application. In other words, appearing for SAT is one single part of the examination and there are several aspects to signup SAT test that the students must know before they can even dream of achieving the desired scores. Knowing about the suitable test dates is also important as the students should get enough time for preparations. The SAT is one of those examinations that help the students to get into the realm of professional life and every student should ensure that the procedures or the guidelines for the test are followed strictly to for the fulfilment of their academic goals.

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