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Signup for SAT in These Easy Steps!

The SAT test is a standardized college admission test a student takes to pursue higher education in colleges. The test requires a lot of preparation much in advance in order to achieve high scores. In order to appear for the test, you need to sign up for SAT exam. The procedure to sign up for SAT exam is mentioned in this article. You can sign up for SAT exam either through mail registration, online registration, or even through registration by phone. The easiest and convenient way to sign up for SAT exam is to register online. There are certain prerequisites that apply to each method. Based on these prerequisites, you can select a convenient way to sign up for SAT exam.

Registering Online

  • Prerequisite: To sign up for SAT exam online, you need to be older than 13 years. In case you are younger, you can have a parent, educator or your counsellor sign up for you.

This is the most convenient method for most students. To register for the SAT online, you need to first sign up on the Official SAT College Board website In order to sign in to the website, you need to provide details about yourself and select a username and password. The section on parent information is optional. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions of the website. After creating an account, you can log in to the site and sign up for SAT exam using this link

When you reach the registration page, make sure you have all the information handy, such as area codes, college codes, college major codes, test center codes, and so on. It is always better to check these before reaching the registration area. Read up as much as you can about these things on the website and make a note of the codes so that all the information is readily accessible when you fill the registration form online. Note down the important codes, such as the code of the test center where you want to take the test, the course you are interested in, and so on. Make sure you have the details of your payment mode ready so that the page does not time out.

There are many benefits of signing up for SAT exam online. You can use the College Board tools, such as Score Choice, to select the scores you want to send to colleges. Besides, you can correct any mistakes or request for corrections immediately. You can also receive your admission ticket, scores, and any updates promptly, compared to any other mode of registration.

Paper Registration

  • Prerequisites: You can sign up for SAT exam by paper registration if you are below 13 years. You can sign up for SAT exam by mail if you want to register for a Sunday test. You can also use paper registration if you want to request for a test center near you. In case you miss the registration deadlines you can opt for standby-by registration, which is also through paper registration.

In order to sign up for SAT exam by mail, you need to buy the SAT Paper Registration Guide from your school counselor’s office. Read the instructions carefully before filling out the registration form to ensure that you do not make any mistakes on the form. You will need to use the Code Search tool to look up the College Board (CEEB) codes on the website to help you complete the form. The SAT Paper Registration Guide also includes a return envelope.

Phone Registration

You can sign up for SAT exam by phone if you have previously registered for SAT or taken the SAT test earlier.

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