SAT 2 Chemistry

SAT Chemistry Test – What is it about?

SAT examination is a standardized test required to gain admission in colleges or universities in the United States of America. The SAT consists of two tests, SAT 1 and SAT 2. While SAT 1 is a general reasoning test required to be taken by all candidates, SAT 2 comprises of Subject Tests in the areas of English, Science, History, Mathematics and Languages. The Chemistry test is categorized as under the Science Subject Test category.

Subject tests are not mandatory tests and candidates have the option to take them only if the university they apply to asks for a particular subject test. However, enclosing the scores of a subject test or tests corresponding to the university course may help to increase the chances of admission.

SAT 2 Chemistry Test

The Chemistry test of SAT 2 assesses the candidate's skills and understanding of chemistry topics taught in a college preparatory level high school chemistry curriculum. The contents tested are as follows:

- Structure of matter – This includes the concepts of atomic theory, atomic structure, chemical bonding, molecular structure and nuclear reactions.

- States of matter – This includes concepts of kinetic molecular theory of gases, gas laws, liquids, solids, phase changes from one state of matter to another and associated theories and properties.

- Reaction Types – Concepts related to acids and bases, theories of oxidation, reduction and precipitation.

- Stoichiometry – This involves numerical concepts and stoichiometric calculations.

- Equilibrium and Reaction Rates – This includes concepts of gas equilibrium, ionic equilibrium, associated principles, expressions and rate of reactions.

- Thermodynamics – This involves chemical reactions, corresponding energy changes and associated theories.

- Descriptive Chemistry – This involves the physical and chemical properties of elements and introduction to organic chemistry.

- Laboratory – This includes knowledge about the equipment used in a chemistry laboratory, measurements of chemical compounds, procedures of conducting experiments, observations made out of the experiments, safety instructions when doing laboratory work and particular experiments, calculations involved during the experiments and interpretation of final results of the experiments.
SAT 2 Chemistry Test Format

The Chemistry test consists of 85 multiple-choice questions that have to be answered in 60 minutes. Every multiple choice question has five answer choices out of which there is only one correct answer. There is one point awarded for every correct answer and one-fourth of a point deducted for every incorrect answer. There are no points gained or lost for questions left unanswered. The test comprises of three types of questions:

- classification questions
- relationship-analysis questions and
- five-choice completion questions.

The questions are not in a set order of difficulty and thus, an easier question can come after a harder one. The minimum and maximum scores for the Chemistry test are 200 and 800 respectively.

SAT 2 Chemistry Test Tips

There are no shortcuts to attaining the desired high score in the Chemistry Test. Hard work, regular study, and meticulous preparation is the key to success in the test. However, certain techniques and strategies can help you achieve a good score.

- Learn the Formulas: It is important to remember the formulas such as ideal gas equation, in order to apply them wherever necessary.

- Use the pen and paper: It is advisable that you do not try to figure out the answer in your head but use the pen and paper to solve it quickly.

- Avoid Random Guessing: In case you are unable to get to the answer and want to guess for it, it is best to avoid random guessing. Instead, use the method of elimination to arrive at a possible correct answer.

- Estimate the answer: In most cases, you will be pressed for time to arrive at the end of the calculation. Check for all the options and estimate the answer closest to what your calculation will arrive at. Also, use the method of elimination to cross out the answers that are obviously incorrect.

- Pace yourself: Keep a track of the time as you do not have more than an average of about 42 seconds to answer a question. Move on quickly to the other questions in case you feel stuck with a particularly difficult question.

Good SAT 2 Chemistry Scores

Only the topmost colleges and universities ask for the SAT Subject Test scores. It should be noted that the average scores for SAT 2 Subject Tests are much higher than the SAT 1 scores. The mean score for the Chemistry Subject Test is generally found to be above 600. In order to gain admission in the top colleges and universities, a score of 700 and above is required.