SAT Words

What is the Importance of SAT Vocabulary?

SAT Words: Now more important

Vocabulary is an important aspect of the SAT test. The question whether it is important to learn SAT words or not is a topic that has been deliberated for some time now, especially after the SAT board removed the section on analogies and antonyms. This led to the assumption among students that vocabulary is not an integral part of SAT.

However, SAT words are important and account for more than two thirds of the test. The SAT test has three sections: Reading, Math, Writing. SAT words are important for the Reading section and the Writing section. In fact, the new format of SAT tests your knowledge of SAT words more than ever. Therefore, it is important that you prepare vocabulary, especially SAT words, when appearing for the test.

SAT Words: Reading

The Reading section in the SAT test paper includes concealed ways of testing your vocabulary. The SAT board states this explicitly “test your vocabulary and your understanding of sentence structure”. The Reading section is further segregated into Passage-based reading and Sentence Completion topics. Based on your understanding of the given sentences, you need to select the appropriate word (s) that fit best within the sentence. You also need to understand how sentences are formed using the correct sequence of words. Not knowing enough words can be a serious impediment to your success in the SAT test because the meaning of the word or its root is not understood. Thus, it is best to prepare for this section by studying the recommended SAT words.

The Passage-based reading section tests your understanding of the given passage. Again, to understand the contents of the passage and to be able to answer questions based on the passage, you need to understand the words used in the passage and the meaning they convey. To do this, you must have a strong vocabulary. Most school-level syllabi do not focus on building a strong vocabulary. Thus, it is important that you build your vocabulary gradually from the day you intend to take SAT.

SAT Words: Writing

The SAT Essay focuses on quality more than quantity, as it should. The Essay section is considered one of the difficult areas for most students because of its diverse nature. There are no multiple-choice questions where you can select answers. In the Essay section, there are no right or wrong answers. It is a test of your expression and the quality of the expression, and to express your thoughts lucidly, you need to have the right mix of vocabulary along with the knowledge of using the vocabulary to form a correct sentence. As you can see, it all settles down to knowing the right words to use and knowing how to communicate effectively.

List of Sites for SAT Words

Vocabulary is an important area and most companies offering prep courses understand it. This is the reason why most of them stress on vocabulary as a foundation in preparing for SAT. There are some sites that make learning vocabulary easy and fun. Look up the following sites to get a list of the frequently used SAT words:


Although the popular notion is that vocabulary is not important for SAT, you can realize that vocabulary, in fact, is an integral part of your preparation towards SAT. Good vocabulary is built over time and usage. The more you incorporate new vocabulary, the more extensive your list will be. Rather than trying to memorize new words each day, check how many words you know already; you will be surprised. Thereafter, build on the existing set of words. Ensure that you fully understand the meaning or multiple meanings of the words and the context where you need to use them. Make sure that you understand the root words and their associated words; this makes it easier to extend your vocabulary. The more advanced your vocabulary is, the more your chances are against others in the test because it helps you get an edge over others in scoring a high score.

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