SAT Website Registration

Steps for SAT Website Registration

Of the different methods available to applicants to register for the SAT examination, the SAT website registration is probably the most popular among them. This is so, not without reason. The web offers both convenience and swiftness in registering and procuring services related to the SAT exam. Not only that, the College Board website also offers services to students, like scholarship search, college admissions help and guides them through many tasks related to college and academic life. The SAT website registration is a simple two-step process that involves signing up with the College Board website and then registering for the SAT. The article below gives a step-by-step guidance on how applicants can go-about the SAT website registration for the SAT exam.

How to Register Online?

  • The home page of the SAT section of the College Board website will have tabs such as ‘Register’, ‘Practice’, ‘Scores’ and ‘About the Test’. Applicants simply need to click on the ‘Register’ tab to be directed towards the registration section of the website.

  • Once they are here they should go to the menu on and select the ‘How to Register’ option and begin with their SAT website registration. Under the ’Register’ tab, applicants get to know a whole lot of information regarding SAT test dates and SAT test fees as well as other processes of SAT registration.

  • Once the applicant has signed up as a College Board member (membership is free and requires only signing up), he can register by choosing his preferred SAT test dates and centers, which will automatically guide him to pay for the registration which is done only through credit card.

  • Once this is done, the applicant receives an online confirmation and a 24-hour access to registration for printing or correcting his/her Admission Ticket if there is a need. Four out of the seven test dates for the SAT exam 2012 are out and these are falling on 28 January, 10 March, May 5 and June 2. The registrations for these usually close a month in advance with the option of a stand –by registration left in case the applicant misses the deadline.

What Happens Next?

Once applicants have registered for the SAT via the SAT website registration process, there are a number of things they can do. For starters, they should accept to be searched by college ‘Student Search Services’ (SSS), a tool on the College Board website used by colleges to look for applicants who could be future students. When an applicant says “Yes” to the SSS, the College Board then takes the opportunity to send the applicants information to colleges, universities and scholarship programs, although not all the information is given to them. The applicant’s scores, Social Security number and Telephone number are not given out to these organisations as part of the applicant’s privacy rights. Potential students are reached out to with the help of the SSS and which acts as a bridge between colleges and probable future students.

What Services Do I Get?

When applicants sign up on the College Board website and register for the SAT, they receive access to a number of services. Apart from their Admission Ticket (which they may receive by email or postal mail) they also receive the chance to send up to four score reports to colleges and scholarship services of their choice. The SAT website registration is not only accurate and quick but it also gives applicants immediate confirmation of the test center and the added advantage of an access to their online Admission Ticket for corrections and reprinting, in case there is a need. College Board members also get access to fee practice materials on the website and free practice tests are available as well. Prep tools, time tables and schedule planners are a few of the tools the College Board member also have access to when they sign up or go in for the SAT website registration.

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